February 1, 2023

The second meeting of the new year took place on January 17 in the Chambers of the Commission. The meeting began with President Lisa Heasley leading the participants in the Pledge of Allegiance.

First in line were representatives from the Ford Office and Technology Group of Connersville, Pennsylvania. Hunter Kovacs, area representative, told the commission that her company was working to expand in this area of ​​West Virginia. They currently operate in southern Pennsylvania and the Morgantown area. Your company offers service for office machines, both sales and service. They have expressed an interest in returning in the future when the current contract with the county expires. That will be in the second quarter of next year.

Next, Sheriff Mike Koontz discussed the county’s acquisition of an electronic fingerprinting device. Sherriff Knutz filmed the presentation about Julia Silie, who spent considerable hours making the fingerprint machine possible. Their investigation revealed that both Ritchie and Pleasants County received fingerprinting devices from State Supreme Court funds. The equipment cost is $28,950.00. Using the court’s money, the only cost would be an annual contract for the maintenance of the equipment. It may also be desirable, once the machine is in place, that a printer be purchased to print fingerprint cards. This equipment would support the arrestee process and verification of the arrestee’s identity. Commissioner McBee made an application to move forward with the fingerprint machine and related equipment. Commissioner Morris supported the motion. The application was approved by the entire Commission.

Pam Ferrell, director of the Wetzel County Animal Shelter, made a presentation to the commission on activities at the shelter in 2022. Dogs Adopted: 70. Cats Adopted: 168. Dogs Rescued: 46. Cats Rescued: 36. Dogs Returned to Owners were returned: 4 . Cats returned to owners:3. Dogs admitted to the shelter: 138. Cats admitted to the shelter: 128. Dogs in foster homes:0. Cats in foster homes:13. Dogs euthanized:6. cats: 14

Euthanized dogs and cats affected by Provo, distemper, or seriously injured by a car accident. Two dogs were taken from their owners and one owner was prosecuted. Mrs. Ferrell commended the county animal control officer for working to solve problems on the ground rather than taking people to court. He has helped create understanding for those who may have issues with animal husbandry.

The following items were considered and approved by the Commission. Minutes of meeting of January 3, 2023. Hiring Connie Rowland, part-time in the County Clerk’s Office. Hiring Aimee Ganies, full-time accountant at the County Clerk’s Office. Hiring Lori Yoho, full-time office of the County Clerk. Funding of the Committee on Aging. Order quashing the appointment of Sherriff Koontz as executor of the estate of John Vernon Peffer, deceased. New Wetzel County Commission building management and services totaling $24,150.00 along with engineering and design totaling $23,750.00. $25,000 financing for Grandview Doolin PSD Willeyville water main repair. Dave Pethtel demanded $10,500 to repair Hundred’s rented water building. Check offers for cabin and caretaker house demolition at 4-H campsites. JDR Construction offered $30,000 for the work. Check the rental fee for the War Memorial Building leases. The monthly Cheernastics fee is $800.00. Karate Club rent increased to $200.00. Browse outlets cost $25.00.

The Wetzel County Commission also signed, filed and approved various documents submitted by the county offices including but not limited to estates filings, checks, listing of bills for payment, payroll orders and reports, remittance orders, discharges, Letters and addresses matters requested by the prosecutor.

The next meeting of the commission will take place on February 1, 2023 at 9:30 a.m


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