January 31, 2023

Although several positions have been filled, the county still has 30 vacancies, down from the 50 vacancies earlier this year.

“We still have many great opportunities for people to be employed by the county,” Lycoming County Commissioner Scott Metzger said at this week’s commissioners’ meeting.

“It’s all good news” he added, referring to the approved settings. “Very good news.”

Personnel actions approved included: David Goodwin, senior adult probation officer, internal transfer, $74,538 per year; Abigail Miller, adult parole officer, full-time replacement, $20.10 per hour; Dane Dowling, Correctional Officer II in prison, internal transfer, $24.82 per hour; Billie Mitcheltree, prison sergeant, internal transfer, $24.29 per hour; Chelsea Paulhamus, LPN, full-time prison replacement, $30 an hour; Lacey Swain, Correctional Counselor in prison, internal transfer, $25.08 per hour; Adam Kopitsky, Joshua Flexer, Brittany Heck, full-time corrections officers I backup in prison, $20 an hour each; Ethan Gush, Law Enforcement Officer I, new part-time job, $20 an hour; Megan Wimer, Resident Supervisor at Pre-Release Center, part-time replacement, $15.95 per hour; and John Noble, technology specialist, full-time information service replacement, $43,666 per year.

As the Pay Committee, the commissioners approved: the reclassification of Dylan Smith, paralegal in the public defender’s office, to fully qualified; the elimination of two part-time Clerk III positions in Planning and Community Development and the addition of one full-time Clerk III position; Changing a Telecoms Specialist II position to a Telecoms Specialist III position in the Public Safety Department; and the addition of 10 part-time recycling workers at Resource Management Services for $14.50 an hour.

Approval for the purchase of radios and related equipment for use by the police officers in the Sheriff’s Department using Act 13 funds was granted by the commissioners but returned after a statement by Sheriff Mark Lusk that the equipment would be used by the officers must be when they no longer provide services to the county.

Other action items approved by the Commissioners include:

• Extension of the terms of subgrantee agreements with the counties of Montoursville and South Williamsport for 2019 Community Development Block Grants. Both agreements have been extended to October 2023.

• A five-year collective bargaining agreement with Teamsters Local Union No. 764 with the Assistant Public Defenders.

• A three-month agreement with Susquehanna Unlimited LLC to provide janitorial services at the county employee health center.

• A 2022 Emergency Management Performance Grant from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). This is a 50:50 match grant of $92,419 to balance three positions in the Department of Public Services.

• A change order to R&L Development Company for a time extension. The funds come from the Resource Management Services closure fund.

• A second amendment to an agreement with Tulpehocken Mountain Spring Water, Inc. to provide potable water at the landfill for two years with no price change.

• Changes to two Sub-Recipient Agreements. One with the Jersey Shore Borough extending the inclusive playground project agreement through December 2023. The other with Montoursville Borough extending the agreement for the park project through December 2023. Both projects are funded by Act. 13 money.

• A $100,000 Sub-Recipient Monitoring Agreement with the American Rescue Workers in Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Funds.

• A modification of an agreement with Windstream Enterprise to provide District Judge Denise Dieter’s Jersey Shore office with phone and internet service at a cost of $235 per month.

• A three-year maintenance contract with Altura Communication Solutions for call billing software priced at $8,117.

• A professional services agreement with Contract Communications covering the Mitel servers, e.g. B. Telephone problems, across the county at a rate of $135 per hour plus $75 per hour for travel for three years. These services are offered as needed.

• An offer from Mitel Business Systems, Inc. for a phone service priced at $12,522.

The district commissioners held a meeting this week to present the 2023 budget to the public and to answer any questions. The only member of the public attending the meeting was former county commissioner Jack McKernan, who raised some questions about the Lycoming Mall project, which the commissioners had offered developers $5 million in loan form.

“Unemployment is 4.8%. I have the idea of ​​having a piece of land available for someone to come and do something with, but at $5 million, could that money possibly be better used for the nationwide revaluation? McKernan asked the commissioners, adding that a reassessment was possible “Serve to distribute taxation more evenly within the community.”

The next meeting of the Commissioners will be on December 8th at 10:00 am in the Commissioners Board Room, 1st floor Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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