February 6, 2023

Texas hills
Pictured left to right: Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield, Casey James

Supergroup Drama! The voice Winner Season 7 Craig Wayne Boyd was “deselected”. Texas hills.

After Craig played gigs together, along with The voice Season 10 runner-up Adam Wakefield and american idol season 9 Casey James formed the singing show supergroup Texas hills. The trio toured and released an album of pleasing ’70s-style harmonic country-rock in 2022 entitled The sky down here.

Now a major group reorganization has resulted in a brand new lineup for Texas hillswithout Craig Wayne Boyd.

“2023 marks a new chapter for Texas Hill,” the band wrote in an Instagram post. “Please join us to welcome 3 new members to the band – Bart Walker, Louis Winfield and Clark Singleton. These musicians are incredible and we are honored to have them with us from now on.”

“I was voted out of the band I formed”

For Craig, the message was diplomatic: “Craig Wayne Boyd will no longer be a part of this project, but we are incredibly grateful for his contribution to the band over the past few years. We made great music together and wish him all the best in his new endeavors. peace and love,
Casey and Adam.”

However, when a fan asked Craig if he was still at Texas Hill in a Facebook post announcing a new concert date, Craig replied, “No, I was voted out of the band I formed. But I’m looking forward to getting back out there and entertaining folk with good country music.” Passive aggressive digging noted!

Angry fans!

On both Instagram and Facebook, some fans are REALLY CRAZY about Craig getting kicked out of the band:

“You lose a lot of fans by kicking him out of the band,” says an Instagram commenter. “They voted him out and moved on with the band name. Oh, and it was just before Christmas.” And another: “You kicked Craig out. The guy who put the band together. you lost a fan Now unfollow and go where the talent is. That’s the side of CWB.”

On Facebook: “Wow. So you kicked out the person who put this together. OK good luck. I hope the new members know you’re anything but loyal.” Another fan wrote, “TEXAS HILL no Craig Wayne Boyd? Well, that just doesn’t make sense. You should change the name of your band. It won’t be the same sound without his lead harmonies……”

As for NEW Texas Hill, the band will be touring again in March. Some fans are upset after buying tickets anticipating the old line-up. Check out the schedule HERE.

The band is also preparing to record new music. “We’re going into the studio next month to start recording the new album and will be out and about all year. We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve come up with and hope you’ll join us when we’re on your neck in the woods.”

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