transferred him 7 million dollars instead of 70 dollars and he bought a mansion: now he is in serious trouble

Imagine finding yourself one day with millions of dollars that shouldn’t be in your bank account. What would you do? Thevamanogari Manivel, an Australian woman who faced such a situation, decided to heal herself a little. For example, you bought a villa with a private cinema. Now he’s in serious trouble.

According to Bloomberg, Manivel requested a refund of AU $ 100 (US $ 69) on in mid-2021. The cryptocurrency exchange, instead of sending the correct amount, made a mistake and authorized a transfer of 10.5 million Australian dollars (7 million dollars).

The problem came to light months later

Days passed and the Aussie began spending the money she had received on her bank account. Apparently was unaware of the situation, but seven months later an audit set off the alarm bells and an internal investigation was launched to find out what happened. Indeed, a transfer had been made incorrectly.

This led to making the decision to sue Manivel to get the money back. And even if technically cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible, justice can act in case of fraud or error. So, in February, he was finally ordered to freeze the woman’s bank account. The problem? The money was gone and some of it had been spent.

Building 12

Manivel, according to court records, had transferred most of the A $ 10.5 million to someone else’s account. He also sent some of the money to his daughter and even bought a mansion for his sister Thilagavathy Gangadory, who lives in Malaysia, for A $ 1.35 million.

The four bedroom, four bathroom property is located in Melbourne’s Craigieburn neighborhood and covers an area of ​​539 square meters, private cinema, gym and parking for two cars, according to ArsTechnica. However, you may have to dispose of the property in the coming months.

Judge James Dudley Elliott ordered the sale of the mansion and the return of the money to In addition, the payment of legal fees, amounting to nearly $ 19,000, and 10% interest on money transferred in error. Mannivel could still appeal this judge’s decision. For now, not everything is said. The case will return to court in October this year.

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