Dodgers Remove Craig Kimbrel From Closer Role

Manager Dave Roberts told reporters (including Fabian Aldaya track team). Craig Kimbrel There will be different roles, and the club will take a different approach to the ninth inning depending on the game.

Roberts hasn’t guaranteed he’ll stick with the committee’s approach in the playoffs, though it’s hard to imagine the Dodgers removing Kimbrel from the last 12 regular-season games at the start of the playoffs and then adding He resettled in Game 9. The decision comes after a drop in production from the eight-time All-Star, who has surrendered in three of his past four games.This includes a tie home run Christian Walker Made a save yesterday against the Diamondbacks. Regardless, the Dodgers left in the second half of the ninth, but the lead ultimately dictated the team’s decision to take a more flexible approach as the playoffs loomed.

Kimbrel is in his first season with the Dodgers.Acquired from the White Sox in a stunning one-on-one exchange AJ Pollock Just before Opening Day, he had made 57 appearances. Kimbrel certainly wasn’t disastrous. He has a 4.14 ERA in 54 1/3 innings, hitting an above-average 27.2 percent of his opponents. His 9.6 percent walk rate is slightly above league standards, but not an untenable number. He made 22 of 27 saves. The overall performance of the right-hander is good, if not noticeable.

Still, Kimbrel is clearly not at the level the Dodgers hoped for. The 34-year-old was arguably the best backup player in the first half against the Cubs last season. While he was disappointed after his deadline trade with the White Sox — mostly due to home-run troubles — he’s still intrigued by his 17.2 percent performance with the Southbound. That has led to some hope that Kimbrel can continue to be elite in his new environment, but his 12.1 percent swing batting average this season is just a tad above average.

Taking Kimbrel out of the ninth should make Roberts more sensible in using him once the playoffs arrive. Maximizing his work against right-handed hitters is a priority. Kimbrel has held the same-handed batsman to the .208/.296/.307 line in 115 overs this season; the southpaw, on the other hand, has a more solid 0.266/.355/.431 over 124 overs .

The White Sox acquired a 16mm option before trading Kimbrel to Los Angeles this season. In the interim, he would go on to be one of the top relief teams in the game.

The Dodgers felt capable of finishing their careers in the ninth inning, a testament to the strength of the rest of their bullpen. Los Angeles entered the game Friday with the second-lowest bullpen ERA in the majors (2.94) and the fourth-best strikeout rate (26.5 percent). Evan Phillips, a waiver made by the Rays last August, and almost immediately became one of the game’s best relievers. The slider specialist has a 1.24 ERA and a 31.8 percent strikeout rate in 58 innings during his breakout campaign.flamethrower Bruce da Gratero Has improved a 63.5% touchdown rate to a 2.96 ERA.Deadline Acquisition Chris Martin Since landing in Los Angeles, he has a 1.71 rating and a 26-1 strikeout ratio.left handed Alex Vecia Has the bullpen’s best strikeout rate (34.6 percent) and 2.24 ERA in 51 2/3 frames.

This foursome looks the most likely to have the highest impact in the playoffs. Roberts can also summon Kimbrel, Phil Bickford and Tommy Kahnler from the right, while Caleb Ferguson and recovery David Price is the left hand option. Yency Almonte He’s had a great season on his own, is on a rehab assignment for Oklahoma City’s Triple-A, and still has a chance Blake Trainin Returning for the playoffs (though Treinen is currently on the injured list and continues to battle shoulder discomfort).


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