February 4, 2023

A Houston-area TikToker was very close to Tuesday’s destructive twister.

Photo by Michael Murney

Tuesday’s tornado devastated the southeast Houston area, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The fast-moving twister landed Tuesday afternoon and sped through parts of Pasadena, Deer Park and Baytown, ripping off roofs and flattening homes. No fatalities have been reported from the storm so far, but a TikTok user shared footage that appears to show a fairly close call.

TikToker Victoriavanna posted a video of dashcam footage Tuesday showing her mother navigating the dangerous storm. The first few seconds show extremely heavy rain blowing across the intersection where Victoriavanna’s mother and sister stop.

“I just want to go home mom, we can’t even see!” says her sister. “Your house will blow away!” replies her mother. “Yes, that’s a tornado,” her mother says a few seconds later as the wind picks up.

@victoriavanna dash cam footage of my mother #fyp #houston #pasadenatx ♬ Original sound – Victoriavanna

They both (rightly) start freaking out a bit from there. The sister is heard saying a prayer to Jesus to protect her as the tornado approaches.

As the outer portion of the tornado appears to engulf the car, the mother tells her daughter to “come down!” while the rain pounding the windshield grows louder and visibility plummets to zero.

The mother and daughter are among thousands of Houston-area residents who experienced a historic day of severe weather on Tuesday. The National Weather Service declared the area’s first “tornado emergency,” and dozens of families from the Pasadena area were forced to spend the night in nearby shelters. Thousands were left without power Wednesday morning due to storm damage.

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