January 29, 2023

The State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D reduced its holding in Edgewell Personal Care Co (NYSE: EPC) by 13.1% in the third quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This information is taken from the application as filed. After selling 8,751 shares of the company’s stock during this period, the fund topped the list with 58,044 shares. At the end of its most recent fiscal quarter, the New Jersey State Common Pension Fund D owned approximately 0.11% of Edgewell Personal Care’s stock. At the time, its stock was valued at $2,171,000.

These investors have also made changes to the EPC holdings of a number of other large investors. During the second quarter, FMR LLC achieved a 70.2% increase in ownership of Edgewell Personal Care stock. FMR LLC now holds 802,371 shares of the Company’s stock after acquiring an additional 331,059 shares last quarter. The value of FMR LLC stock holdings is $27,698,000. Millennium Management LLC saw its stake in Edgewell Personal Care increase by 2,778.1% in the second quarter of the year. The current value of the Company’s shares held by Millennium Management LLC is $9,877,000. They have a total of 286,117 shares. This is the result of purchasing an additional 276,177 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter to bring the total number of shares held by the company to current levels. Vanguard Group Inc. increased its holdings of Edgewell Personal Care stock by 2.5 percent in the first quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now directly owns 6,216,241 shares of the Company’s stock, valued at $227,950,000 as a result of the purchase of an additional 153,278 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter. That adds 7.1% to the total number of shares Vanguard Group, Inc., has raised from State Street Corporation in its ownership of Edgewell Personal Care stock during the first three months of 2018. After acquiring an additional 135,214 shares last quarter, State Street Corp. now 2,029,304 shares of the company, valued at $74,702,000.

Last but not least, the value of assets held by Allianz Asset Management GmbH at Edgewell Personal Care increased by 1,902.4% in the first three months of 2018. Allianz Asset Management GmbH now holds 125,030 shares after acquiring a further 118,786 shares in the last quarter. The current market price for each of these shares is $4,585,000. The vast majority of shares, amounting to 94.46%, are owned by various types of institutional investors, including hedge funds.

Edgewell Personal Care shares were priced at $42.13 per share when trading began on Wednesday. The low over the past year for Edgewell Personal Care Co. was $32.00, while the company’s high over the past year was $51.55. The stock trades at 22.90 times earnings and its beta is 0.94. The market value of the company’s shares is approximately $2.17 billion. The moving averages for the company have been $40.32 for the past 50 days and $39.43 for the past 200 days. At this point, the debt to equity ratio is 0.95, the quick ratio is 0.90, and the current ratio is 1.72.

On November 10th the latest quarterly report for Edgewell Personal Care was released. Edgewell Personal Care is a company traded on the NYSE under the symbol “EPC”. The company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $0.79 for the quarter, up $0.02 from the consensus estimate of $0.77 per share. Edgewell Personal Care performed reasonably well, as evidenced by its high return on equity (9.16%) and healthy net margin (4.54%). The company’s revenue for the quarter was $536.90 million, down from what industry experts were expecting of $540.91 million. Sell-side analysts expect Edgewell Personal Care Co. to post earnings of $2.41 per share for the current fiscal year.

A quarterly dividend was recently declared and paid by the company, on January 4th. In addition, the company recently announced and paid a dividend. On Tuesday, November 29th, dividend payments of $0.15 per share were mailed to shareholders who had already submitted their information. Because of this, shareholders receive a $0.60 dividend payment each year, and the yield is 1.42%. November 28, a Monday, marked the beginning of the “ex-dividend” period of this dividend. The dividend payout ratio, also known as DPR, for Edgewell Personal Care currently stands at 32.61%.

Several different analysts have recently written reports on EPC stocks.

These reports discuss recent events. Goldman Sachs Group lowered its price target on Edgewell Personal Care stock to $42.00 from $47.00 and downgraded its rating on the stock to neutral from buy in a report issued on Tuesday, October. They have moved the stock from a “buy” rating to a “neutral” rating on their recommendation scale. In a research note published on Friday, November 11, Morgan Stanley lowered its “underweight” rating on Edgewell Personal Care shares to $35.00 and lowered its price target on the shares to $35.00 from $36.00 . These changes came after the company lowered its share price target from $36.00 to $35.00. StockNews.com reported on Edgewell Personal Care stock on Wednesday, October 12, after publishing a research study earlier in the day. They recommended stockholders to “hold” their shares in the company. Wells Fargo & Company’s target price for Edgewell Personal Care stock was raised to $44.00 and the announcement came in a research report published on November 16. Canaccord Genuity Group provided coverage of Edgewell Personal Care stock in a research report published on Thursday, November 17th. The report has been published. The agenda was complete and this was the last and most important item. They suggested buying shares in the company and setting a price target of $48,000 on the stock. Three analysts have to buy ratings on the stock; Two experts have rated the stock and two analysts currently have sell ratings on the stock. Information provided by Bloomberg shows that the company has an average hold rating and has a target price of $40.80.

Additionally, on November 29, company insider John N. Hill sold 1,250 shares of the company’s stock. This was reported in other news about Edgewell Personal Care. The deal was finalized the same day it was discussed. The total amount received from the sale of the shares was $52,012.5 and the average price paid for each share was $41.61. Following the transaction, the business insider now owns 74,986 shares worth $3,120,167.46. If you click on this link, you will be directed to a legal filing filed with the SEC that will provide you with more information about the transaction and will take you there immediately. The current proportion of company shares owned by company insiders is 1.84%.

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