January 31, 2023

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The most important things to know

The US Air Force is offering recruits significantly more marijuana waivers than planned after initiating a trial program to be more lenient to would-be military personnel who test positive for THC metabolites on initial drug tests.

Last week, the USDA began mailing its second annual hemp survey to tens of thousands of growers. It covers topics such as acreage, price, and uses (such as smoked hemp, CBD extracts, and edible grains).

Two measures to legalize and regulate marijuana in Delaware have been introduced, with hearings scheduled to begin this week. While the governor vetoed cannabis legislation last year, supporters are hoping they will have enough clout in the election to override this year’s veto.

DE legal cannabis hearings this week

Some Hawaii legislators have introduced legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The legislation is expected to pass in the 2023 session under the state’s new pro-reform governor, who has garnered broad support from advocates.

Last week, lawmakers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Oklahoma introduced new legislation to reform psychedelics use in 2023.

A former Republican senator from Indiana has written an open letter to lawmakers urging them to form a commission to study cannabis for two years and draft legislation to allow its sale.


As an example of “the wonderful two years of improvement that we’ve had,” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain cited President Joe Biden’s mass pardon of marijuana.

Morgan Griffith (R-VA) introduced legislation that would remove some regulatory barriers to testing substances currently classified as Schedule I and would permanently classify fentanyl and related chemicals as Schedule I.

South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace argued that the party must change its position on marijuana if it is to win moderate voters.

Doug Collins, a former representative of the Republican Party of Georgia, has registered as a lobbyist to influence legislation on criminal justice reform issues, such as ending the punishment discrepancy between crack and powder cocaine.


Democratic Gov. Tony Evers of Wisconsin has said that a medicinal cannabis law “sounds” like it could pass this session.

JB Pritzker, the Democratic Gov. of Illinois, tweeted, “My administration remains committed to building the nation’s fairest and most economically viable cannabis business as we continue to grow the nearly 5,000 well-paying jobs created over the past two years .”

“Medical marijuana in the right forms, that is, medicinal forms, I can support,” the Tennessee House spokesman noted, “but legalizing cannabis for recreational use is a terrible idea.”

A bill to add medicinal cannabis to the state’s controlled substances surveillance database has been approved by West Virginia’s House Committee on Health and Human Resources. A separate discussion involved a delegate proposing the legalization of marijuana.

DE legal cannabis hearings this week

The New York senator who has been leading efforts to legalize marijuana in the state has revealed that she was surprised by the number of unlicensed businesses that sprung up in the weeks before legal sales began. Separately, the authorities provided a web-based introduction to cannabis legislation.

Washington state lawmakers are drafting legislation to address drug possession after a current law temporarily criminalizing possession expires this year.

Some Louisiana lawmakers blame the legalization of hemp for the increase in the availability of psychoactive cannabis products.

Several cannabis reform bills were introduced to the Colorado legislature for the 2023 session.

Several cannabis-related proposals were introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature this year.

The Minnesota legislature leading the lawsuit to legalize marijuana noted that such legislation is supported by both the state’s Democratic and Republican legislatures.

A set of regulations for the legal use of marijuana by adults has been put forward by the Missouri authorities. Since the state’s legalization law went into effect last month, more than 3,500 people have also had their cannabis records sealed.

The monthly report detailing disciplinary action taken against Michigan marijuana businesses has been released.

Garden State officials held a forum to hear people’s opinions on how to allocate taxpayers’ money from pot sales.

On Tuesday, the Nevada government will discuss issues affecting the legal marijuana industry.

On Wednesday, Georgia regulators are scheduled to vote on proposed regulations for the state’s medicinal cannabis industry.


The City Council of Eureka, California recently voted to write a letter to state legislators to support a plan to decriminalize psychedelics possession.

A City Councilman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who also happens to be a medical cannabis manufacturer, is campaigning for the city to treat its employees’ use of medical marijuana the same way it treats the use of any other prescribed substance.

An NYPD official has criticized the security measures at the city’s first legal marijuana store.


Presidential candidate in Nigeria Omoyele Sowore has spoken out in favor of legalizing marijuana.


“Cannabis advertising restrictions vary widely and are not uniform across U.S. states,” the report’s authors write.

“Cannabidiol restores behavioral and cerebral abnormalities in a model of fetal alcohol spectrum disease,” reads the abstract of a study conducted in mice.


“It’s high time @KYGOP took action against medical cannabis,” the Kentucky Democratic Party tweeted. Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has played his part. It’s up to the GOP to approve a bill and move things forward now.

The former Orange County (California) Democrat leader has admitted to bribing council members in Irvine to influence their votes on cannabis concerns.

MLK III attended a conference on marijuana legalization and gave a speech.

Virgin CEO Richard Branson tweeted, “Applause to the US Virgin Islands legislature and Governor Bryan for introducing sweeping cannabis reform that will end the senseless criminalization of so many people.”


In response to reports that Massachusetts regulators are investigating the company’s financial ties to a Russian oligarch, Curaleaf said he was “not aware” of any such investigation.

HEXO Corporation said it once again met the minimum bid price criterion set by Nasdaq.

Employees at Sunnyside in Rockford, Illinois chose to join the Teamsters union.

In November, Canadian businesses made CA$373.3 million from the sale of legal cannabis.

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