January 30, 2023

The father-daughter show business duo is excited for viewers to see their film Wildcat, a passion project of Maya.

Ethan Hawkes upcoming movie, Wild catShe looks into Flannery O’Connor’s life. with Maya Hawke as O’Connor, it will follow her efforts to publish her first novel and explore themes important to all artists. The film features an impressive cast including Oscar nominee Laura Linney, Philip Ettinger (First reformed), Rafael Casal (blind spotting), Steve Zahn (white lotus), Cooper Hoffman (Liquorice Pizza), and more.

In addition to directing and producing Wild cat, Ethan co-wrote the screenplay with Shelby Gaines. Along with Ryan Hawke and Ethan Hawke of Under the Influence Productions, Joe Goodman of Good Country Pictures is producing; Cory Pyke of Renovo Media Group; Kevin Downes and Jon Erwin of Kingdom Story Company; Eric Groth & David Kingland of Renovo Media Group; along with Maya herself through Under The Influence Productions.


Maya Hawke is an award-winning actress and producer. She has acted in numerous films and television shows including The story of the maid, game of Thronesand most recently the hit series from Netflix, stranger things. She has appeared alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio In Once upon a time in HollywoodCate Blanchett & Kristen Wiig in Where did you go Bernadetteand Meryl Streep and Saoirse Ronan in little woman.

In addition to acting, Hawke also ventured into producing two documentaries released by AppleTV+; Beastie Boy story and On the rocks with Bill Murray.

Producer David Kingland says, “This project has brought together a unique cast and crew combination to share Flannery O’Connor’s life and works with fans and new audiences alike.”

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The film introduces Flannery O’Connor to a new generation

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With father/daughter duo Hawke and Hawke at the helm of the project, a new generation will be introduced to a prolific writer. O’Connor, a devout Catholic from Georgia, was invited to the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop and became famous for her offbeat short stories about the American South and faith. Despite being plagued by lupus for much of her life, she received posthumous recognition, including the National Book Award, before dying at 39. Her notable works include two books of short stories: It’s hard to find a good man and Everything that rises must convergeas well as the novel white blood.

Hawke hopes to introduce Flannery O’Connor to a new generation of moviegoers.

“Maya has worked hard for years to bring this project to fruition and we are grateful for the opportunity to introduce a new generation of moviegoers to the genius of Flannery O’Connor,” he said.

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