Every Chest And Boss In Astra Ruin A-03 – Tower Of Fantasy

The main reason many players enter an open world game is because of its exploration aspects. Tower Of Fantasy he did a great job of making his world interactive and giving players the incentive to actually explore, since they give a lot of free summons with it.

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In addition to having a lot of puzzles, enemy camps and special items in the world, the game also includes special ruins that contain various different secrets about Omnium and the greed of humanity on the planet Aida. Each main region features three different ruins that you can explore at your leisure.

How to clear ruin A-03 in easy mode

Ruin A-03 is dedicated to teaching players how to use the Omnium Handcannon. This relic allows you to shoot a tube which then grows into a cylinder that you can climb on. You can also use this relic for some puzzles in other regions like Banges or Navia.


As soon as you enter the ruin, you will have to do it use the hand cannon on the wall in front of you to enter the ruins. To do this, simply shoot one of the bullets on the floor near the wall and climb onto it as it rises, allowing you to jump onto the platform.

After reaching up there, you will find your first chest in easy mode. This is a little to your right and it is very difficult to miss. After claiming this chest, go further and defeat the hyenas that haunt the room to progress more.

The Omnium Handcannon only has two bullets and it takes over 30 seconds to reload a bullet once you use them. In this starting area, you can also give cheese to the section by constantly jumping over the tree branch on the right to save the bullets.

After defeating the hyenas, you’ll need to use the hand cannon at the end of the platform to move forward. This is required, and you have to defeat other hyenas in the next area to get the second chest of this mode.

When you are done fighting, you will see a large empty space on one side of the room and another chest behind some lasers on the other side. To unlock this chest, switch to the Handcannon and aim for the left side, between the lasers. This will create an opening for you to enter and take the chest.

Once this is done, activate the lever near the large gap and you will see the small platform begin to move. Again, you need to shoot the Handcannon on the platform and climb up on it to reach the other side. You will fight the final boss, Volcanodomain here.

Defeating Vulcan will open the exit door room and you can interact with the mechanism in the middle to finish the domain and exit, completing the ruin on easy difficulty.

Vulcan can be particularly troublesome to deal with since knocks you off the platform with most of its attacks. Keep an eye out for the small cylindrical platforms and every time they go up, you have to jump on them to avoid damage.

How to completely erase the ruin A-03 in normal mode

Each time you progress to the next difficulty, two more chest locations will spawn inside the ruins. Thankfully, the basic layout and mechanics remain the same, and the enemy level is the only thing that goes up. You can still claim the two easy mode chests in the same location.

As for the first new chest in normal mode, go to the first section where you fight hyenas for the first time. Here, you will find the second chest in a ditch on the left side. This is visible from the first chest itself which is on top near the tree branches.

Once you’ve claimed the first chest, look directly ahead and you’ll find the second new chest in normal mode on a platform above. You have to use another one Hand cannon projectile to achieve this, making it really important to save these bullets if you don’t want to waste too much time.

After claiming all chests, simply defeat Vulcan one more time to fully complete the ruin A-03 in normal mode.

How to completely clear ruin A-03 in hard mode

And again, venture into this ruin for the last time once you have the required level to finish it on each difficulty and claim the final reward. You will do it find the first new chest on hard mode just as you start the race. This will be placed on a platform on the left side.

A Handcannon bullet is required for this. Shoot it on the floor in front of the chest, then use the rocks on the right side jump all the way behind the chest and claim it. After that, he claims all four chests from normal mode in the same location.

You’ll find the last A-03 Ruin Chest in the waters in the corner of the huge gap. You can jump down and then use the pillar behind you to climb back up and follow the rest of the procedure. You have acquired all the chests in this ruin and can finish it.

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