January 27, 2023

As you drive Route 46 around Montclair or Route 70 through Cherry Hill, you might be wondering how long this endless construction will take.

In the case of the 8.8 miles of Route 70, the answer is five more years.


It started in late summer last year, and some motorists were hoping it would be complete by now.


The projected completion date is sometime in 2027.

Many of us thought that the dual carriageway would be widened to make room for the 50,000 cars that cross the road every day.


Much of the project consists of replacing gas and water lines below and along the road surface.

The street won’t get any wider, but there will be sidewalks and the traffic lights will be upgraded to the latest technology.

So be patient and expect the same congestion on the road when the job is completed in 2027 at a cost of $151 million, which could potentially increase with inflation and whatnot.

So it’s not all road building.

It has a lot to do with the supply lines.

But how much does it cost to pave a mile of road in New Jersey?

Would you be surprised to know that it costs way more than any other state per mile to pave a road?

It costs $200,211 per mile in New Jersey compared to, for example, New Hampshire where it costs $20,879.

How does states like Virginia do that for $8,585? They’re not even the cheapest state.

The national average is less than a sixth of what it costs here in New Jersey at $36,473.

So when you drive past all those cones with very little going on around you just know for the price we pay it’s done right!

If you’ve been traveling around Montclair University and wondering when this work will be completed, a recent graduate of that school said:

“It was there when I was a freshman and it’s still going.”

Here’s a cool video of what it looks like from the air.

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