Farthest Frontier: How to get meat

To ensure that citizens are healthy and well fed at the furthest border, it is necessary to secure an abundant supply of food. Meat in particular is one of the very high protein food sources and it fills people. The more the population increases, so the consumption and lack of food can lower people’s morale. While a steady supply of food can be ensured by growing crops, getting meat is an entirely different matter. If you’re planning on getting meat, our short guide has covered the basics you need to follow to get it done. Read on to learn how to get meat in Farthest Frontier.

The furthest frontier How to get meat

Having plenty of food is important in Farthest Frontier. At a very early stage, you can get simple types of edible food like berries. However, as the population increases, it becomes difficult for people to support simple food and need meat. While acquiring meat is not difficult, you will have to do a lot of work to get it. In the game, there are two main ways to get meat and we have mentioned both of them. That said, take a look at how to get meat in the game.

How to get meat in Farthest Frontier?

You can get an excess amount of meat by hunting or fishing and both of them need some things to take care of. We will examine what to keep in mind when trying both methods.


A very generic way that many know of to get meat in Farthest Frontier or in real life. Before proceeding, you need to build a hunter’s hut. This will require one of the villagers to become a hunter and they will hunt animals for meat. After that, you have to build a dirt road that goes from the cabin to the wilderness. Don’t know how to build dirt roads? Don’t worry because we’ve covered it here. Either way, hunters will venture into the wilderness and hunt various animals such as deer and small animals such as rabbits. Make sure you are not harvesting lumber in the area you are hunting as deforestation will cause a decline in the animal population. Another important thing you need to do is build a “smoke house” to preserve the quality of the meat.


Another better alternative for meat and establishing a constant supply equal to hunting is fishing. To get fish, you need to build a “fishing shack” near a body of water. However, it’s not easy because it seems that randomly placing it will hurt you more in terms of supply. Look for places with a large number of coastal tiles and build fishing huts there to get a constant supply of fish. It is recommended to place two fishing huts on large ponds and one on small ponds.

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