FINAL: Carolina 35 – Georgia State 14

The South Carolina football season is just around the corner, and we’re just moments from kickoff against Georgia State. Kickoff between the two teams is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. and will air on SEC Network+ with ESPN+. How to watch

It’s a full college football Saturday as the season goes on, but the big game will be on the night as the sophomore head coach Sean Beemer The Cockfights take on the Panthers in the first meeting of the two shows.Panthers are coached by former South Carolina assistant Sean Elliott.

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This is today’s game topic, and we’ll be updating this post regularly as the game progresses. Game dialogue should also happen in the comments section of this story.

11:30, 4Q – Defense is amazing. Traevon Kenion then blocked a punt and Ahmarean Brown returned the ball for a touchdown. That should just put the game aside. Carolina 35 – Georgia 14

End 3Q – Spencer Rattler made a bad decision while trying to pass the ball to Antwane Wells and the ball was kicked off. Georgia State took over at their own 38-yard line. Carolina 28 – Georgia 14

5:13, 3Q – The game turns fast. After another defensive stop, Rashad Amos blocked a punt and DQ Smith tackled to score. It was the first time the Gamecocks returned a blocked pun on a touchdown since Derek Watson’s game against Florida State in 2000. The two-point conversion was fine as Jaheim Bell plowed in the middle. Carolina 28 – Georgia 14

7:20, 3Q – Georgia State used Grainger’s rushing touchdown to give his team a 14-12 lead. But Carolina came back right away and scored, putting the ball in the hands of the playmaker. Jaheim Bell and MarShawn Lloyd took center stage, and Lloyd caught the touchdown pass. The Diamondbacks’ two-point conversion gave Carolina a six-point lead. Carolina 20 – Georgia 14

14:14, Q3 – Spencer Rattler hits Ahmarean Brown’s high pass in his hand and intercepts it. Georgia State University takes over the USC 32-yard line. Carolina 12 – Georgia 7

2Q 10:03 – South Carolina’s defense forced another three-in-and-out, its third in a row, but the Gamecocks also made a three-in-and-out after a hold call denied Spencer Rattler’s first down scramble. inning, then Josh Vann gave up an open pass. However, Kroeger kicked a 79-yard punt. Carolina 6 – Georgia 0

2Q 13:38 – South Carolina finished fourth and fifth and shot with Mitch Jett. But it was fake, Hunter Rogers ran far enough to come down the first time. After dropping a 15-yard mask for the first time, MarShawn Lloyd pitched in the end zone inside the tower for the first score of the game.Bad snap on extra point keeps it Carolina leads 6-0

End 1Q – Neither side scored. South Carolina faced third and 15 at the 17-yard line. Vershon Lee missed a block, causing the backcourt run game to blow up. In the next game, a corner blitz ended up reaching Rattler as well. no score

2:22, 1Q – Anyone who has fought defensive battles is right. South Carolina forced a pair of punts, so Georgia had three drives scoreless. Kroger has now been summoned twice. Spencer Rattler scrambles to find Jalen Brooks as Spencer Rattler catches a diving catch at Georgia State’s 30-yard line Deep down, the Gamecocks finally made a little progress. no score

7:32, 1Q – Both teams had possessions and neither scored. Georgia State brought the ball into the South Carolina red zone, thanks in large part to a 41-yard run by Jamist Williams down the middle. However, the Gamecocks held firm on their fourth and second attempts with Nick Emmanwori, substituting the injured RJ Roderick in the game, stopping and knocking off GSU’s run back. Spencer Rutterer hits a 15-yard pass from MarShawn Lloyd on the first pass of the game, but he misses two passes as the Cockers go to midfield , the cockfighting team kicks the ball away. Kai Kroeger has a bottom line. no score

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