Florida’s Week 1 depth chart: Notes and observations

Florida Released the first official depth map of Billy Napier In the era following Wednesday’s practice, there’s a lot to glean at first glance, from the ranking order to updated weights of several players. Swamp247 has compiled a list of notes and observations from the depth chart publications that stand out from UF’s first depth chart under Napier.

— Florida’s running backs are considered a committee-run approach with four capable runners, but one player was left off the roster Wednesday. Lorenzo Lingardthe old politician in the room, is not listed on the depth map. Knight Wright Listed as a starter, second-line charge as a sophomore montreal johnson or freshman Trevor EtienneIt’s unclear why Lingard wasn’t on the list, but his absence suggests he won’t be a major factor against Utes.

Desmond Watsonas backup Jaren LeeOn nose tackles, he came out in the 14-minute observation window, adding to his body weight, as confirmed by the depth chart released Wednesday. Watson, who previously weighed 415 pounds on the official Florida roster, weighed 439 pounds after fall training camp.

– Florida State’s rotation has done a lot, presumably Wednesday’s spot has a clear designation Ricky Piersall and Trent Whitmore Listed as the starting wide receiver at that position.

Anthony RichardsonHis status as the starting quarterback is all but guaranteed, but who will back his signal callers is an unknown as reserve Jack Miller III is currently out after surgery with a fractured thumb.Backup QB is listed on Wednesday’s depth chart Jaylen Kittner Or walk Kyle Engel. The former has been injured throughout fall training camp, but he has struggled to recover and should now be the primary option if a quarterback emerges.

Billy Napier Indicating that the Gators may share kicking duties, the depth chart confirms this idea. Adam Mihalek and Trey Smack There’s an “or” between the two, which means both players should have a chance against Utah.

– There are some answers about the special teams returner starting. Jamakis Weston It was the starter who kicked back the hand, and Eddie was in second place. Nay’Quan Wright and Xavier Henderson Complete the rotation. When the punt returns, Henderson will start deep into the receiver, with Marshall or Etienne as the second-line punt returner.

– Napier called Shemar James “Outstanding player” in fall training camp, depth chart reflects his ascension in the room.Freshman James listed as second weaker linebacker after fifth-year linebacker amary burney.

– As expected, Jalen Lee will start the tackle ahead of Watson. Jaylin Humphreys Sign in at the third place in the order, with Jamalion The fourth person in the group.

— James isn’t the only freshman who could get minutes in his first season in Gainesville. Kamari WilsonIMG Academy, which has signed with UF, is listed as a safe backup for Rashad Torrence.

– Florida State’s starting cornerback duo is Avery Helmet and Jason Marshall Jr.. Behind Marshall is the Freshman Corner . Devon Moorewhile Georgia transfers Jaylen Kimber is a backup of Helm.

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