February 4, 2023

Experiencing tragedy is never desirable, but what you do after that tragedy makes all the difference.

The Texas Rose Steakhouse in Pampa caught fire and the damage was enough to shut down the restaurant. However, they rise from the ashes.

At 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning, January 15, the Pampa Fire Department received a call about a building fire at 2841 Perryton Parkway. The fire was at the Texas Rose Steakhouse. The Pampa Fire Department sent 6 units and a total of 11 firefighters to the scene. The Hoover Volunteer Fire Department helped put out the fire by dispatching 1 unit and 5 firefighters.

The Texas Rose Steakhouse house was damaged. So damaged that the restaurant could no longer operate. When a restaurant closes due to a fire, employees lose their jobs, but that doesn’t happen with the Texas Rose Steakhouse.

To make sure their employees still have jobs, the Texas Rose Steakhouse in Pampa has been rumored to be temporarily relocating.

Employees can keep their jobs.

According to multiple social media posts, the old Dyer’s BBQ location at 11816 US-60 is being cleaned up and prepared for the opening of the Texas Rose Steakhouse.

The great thing about the Dyer family who own Texas Road Steakhouse is that they care about their employees. Dyer’s management was concerned about how they would look after their employees when the pandemic hit, according to their former marketing director, Sarah Clark. As a solution, they were one of the first restaurants in Amarillo to offer deliveries during COVID.

“They have refused to send their employees home without a job opportunity,” Clark said. “I no longer work with the agency, but they will always have a loyal patron in me because of this.”

A lot of the people hearing about the move into the old Dyer’s building in Pampa are hoping they will offer a mix of Dyer’s BBQ and Texas Rose.

We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, don’t forget the Texas Rose Steakhouse in Pampa. Once they open it at the temporary location, visit and enjoy their food.

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