January 31, 2023

Harris Faulkner
Harris Faulkner |

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner says finding her father’s Bible after his tragic death reignited her faith in God during the pandemic.

The host of the FOX news show Outnumbered Overtime and co-host of Outnumbered has released her new book Faith Still Moves Mountains: Wonderful Stories About the Healing Power of Prayer on 11/15

Scripture highlights several accounts that illustrate the miracles of faith.

Although Faulkner believes that God can move mountains, she revealed that she wasn’t always strong in her faith.

“To be completely transparent, I was having major issues with my own faith journey during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when my father died on Christmas morning 2020,” Faulkner told The Christian Post.

The journalist’s grief was compounded by the fact that she hadn’t seen her father for a full year due to the pandemic lockdowns.

“Many Americans like me understand the harrowing realities of lockdowns and restrictive living. My dad was alone in his retirement home in Dallas, Texas,” she explained. “I was about 1,600 [miles] away in New Jersey. We talked on the phone and laughed on Christmas Eve. He sounded great. That was the last time anyone spoke to him.”

With her father’s death, Faulkner has no surviving parent, having lost her mother on Thanksgiving a few years earlier.

“My heartbreak was overwhelming. And with churches on lockdown in my home state of New Jersey, it’s been very difficult to have spiritual connection and support,” she said. “I started praying less and crying more in my loss. It was a ridiculous recipe for someone raised by parents who taught the opposite.”

The Emmy-winning actress said she was instructed by her mother during her childhood to turn all her worries and worries over to God. She said she was also reminded to “pray when things are going well” and “to struggle with the difficult times, not with God.”

Faulkner strayed from those paths until she discovered her father’s Bible while packing his things at his apartment.

The Bible came “complete with handwritten notes about scriptures he loved. I started reading his interpretations and statements of faith,” she said.

“Father was always the north star of our family – he constantly set the example and standard for excellence in every aspect of life, including his relationship with the Lord. And now, in death, papa has guided me again,” Faulkner said.

“The more I prayed and read his Bible notes, the more it felt like pieces of my life, no matter how broken, were being put back together.”

Faulkner said things changed for the better as she rekindled her faith through prayer and reading the scriptures.

“Well, yes, I say boldly, despite everything, faith still moves mountains!” she explained.

Faulkner authored the #1 New York Times Best Seller list for advice, guidance, and more to provide readers with moving examples of steadfastness and resilience in dedication. Everything was born out of the result of their “divine task”.

“God gave me what I shaped – a divine task,” Faulkner told CP. “He has called me to be a witness and to truthfully disseminate information from what I see and to further question or investigate.”

When executives at the newly formed Fox News Books offered her the opportunity to write a book, she jumped at it. Faulkner recently heard the reports of increasing numbers of Americans losing their faith in God over the past 70 years and felt compelled to write a book about the faith.

A 2022 Gallup poll suggests that belief in God in the United States has fallen to a new low at 81%.

“Gallup found that far fewer people than ever don’t believe that God intervenes in our lives or answers our prayers,” Faulkner said. “But as a journalist covering people’s toughest times and most victorious moments, I’ve been constantly reminded that the power of prayer is real, as are miracles.”

Faulkner warned that Americans had seen too much “chaos, loss and deceit,” stating that the “current spate of indiscriminate crime and lack of basic humanity troubles millions of Americans to the core.”

“Our peace has been taken. And without moments of peace, our lives can feel meaningless,” she said.

Faulkner shared a prayer in her book entitled PEACE:

“Lord God, you said to your apostles that the peace you would give them was not the peace of the world. But my heart aches for this world, just as I know your own heart ached when you walked the earth. You see the brokenness of this world, and you mourn all the victims of war, violence and oppression, wherever they may be. Soften the hearts of those who war the world that this piece may be a reflection on this earth of the peace of your heavenly kingdom. Make me an instrument of that peace in my own family, in my work, and in my church. May your Holy Spirit wrap this earth in the cloak of your peace that all may know and worship the Prince of Peace. Amen.”

A section of the book contains some short original prayers.

“The original prayers are included in my book because it’s important to know that there is a way to effectively reconnect with the Lord when you’ve turned away from your faith,” she said. “You don’t have to speak perfect words, but you have to be specific. And you need the ability and patience to listen for the Lord to respond according to His will and timing.”

“I hope people take that away from my book,” Faulkner added. “I love reading the responses that people post on social media or tell me in person on the book tour. you tell me Faith still moves mountains helps them establish or renew a beautiful relationship with the Lord through fervent prayer.”

Faulkner, who doesn’t apologize for her beliefs, says, “No apologies [is] necessary to live my divine mission.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to hear the news from journalists willing to tell the truth about themselves before reporting the facts about others? After all, we sure learned a lot about people in high places on TV news, according to TMI! Too much information about their inappropriate habits, infidelities, sex investigations and all sorts of things,” she concluded.

“When someone asks me how I get through life’s darkest hours, I find it honest and perfectly appropriate to tell them that I pray. And I will never apologize for it.”

Faith still moves mountainsis now available wherever books are sold.

Jeannie Ortega Law is a reporter for The Christian Post. You can reach her at: [email protected] She is also the author of the book, What is happening with me? How to defeat your invisible enemy Follow her on Twitter: @jlawcp Facebook: JeannieOMusic

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