January 30, 2023

Exploration isn’t defined by the best we see, but by the variety of things we try. To keep up with the exploration extravaganza, passenger Paramvir Singh Beniwal traveled from New York City to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

However, the catch of this journey is not only the destination to reach it. Paramvir booked the internet’s lowest rated Mexican airline from New York City to Mexico City. Apparently an airline whose name Paramvir had never heard before.

Viva Airbus, despite being the worst rated by most travellers, Paramvir didn’t seem so bad. He found that checking in at the airport for departure was easier. Nonetheless, the flight was about half an hour late and unlike most flights, food was only available if purchased and not otherwise. According to Paramvir: “The airline reviews were really bad but for me I would say it was a decent flight. Not good, not bad, just a sober trip.” To learn more about this flight and passenger Paramvir’s after-flight experience, check out.

Now let’s look at Paramvir’s adventures in Mexico City. First of all, according to Paramvir, a fundamental underlying problem was language. Spanish is the first language there and almost nobody speaks English. So little knowledge of Spanish is required to move around the city and communicate properly.

Second, Paramvir did not find the city very expensive or luxurious. Although known as the city of palaces for its architectural beauty, there is no high-end luxury lifestyle that is prevalent there.

Walking through Mexico City, Paramvir discovered how friendly the people were and many people even waved at the camera while he was filming. However, it is really important to take care of it
himself, and carrying expensive items while traveling can be a little unsafe, but Paramvir didn’t feel that way out there. Also, Paramvir makes a point of converting the money into Indian rupees whenever he does
buys something or even withdraws money as he believes his audience is looking for valuable content that would help them travel and finance is a very important part of that. Besides, most
People earn Indian rupees, so no matter what country he visits, passenger Paramvir always tells price in current currency of that country as well as Indian currency.

Also, Paramvir also explored an Indian restaurant but he didn’t find it very appealing as he thought it was a mix of cultures with women dancing to Arabic songs. While the food there was cheaper than most Indian restaurants he frequented outside of India, it wasn’t as delicious as it looked. Then Paramvir visited the rooftop of his hostel where he was staying and enjoyed the view during their happy hour.

Apart from that, Passenger Paramvir traveled all over Mexico City exploring the different street foods and shops. However, a big problem for him was that he had difficulty finding vegetarian restaurants or even chicken restaurants since most of the dishes there are beef or pork. Paramvir makes sure to let his audience know that if he makes a mistake while recounting his experiences or talking about the place, he should be forgiven because like most people he is an explorer and what he tells is his first impression of this place.

As Paramvir says: “I believe when we travel to another country we should avoid going to empty streets at night or to very far away places. While not everyone gets robbed or injured, our safety is our responsibility.” To see Passenger Paramvir’s adventure in Mexico City, watch this.

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