Furkan Korkmaz was attacked in Tbilisi Arena’s locker rooms per the Turkish national team

Via Semih Tuna / [email protected]

Tbilisi, Georgia – Furkan Korkmaz was ejected in the Georgia-Turkey game, but that proved to be just the tip of the iceberg.

After the game, the Turkish national team revealed that the player was attacked in the corridor of the dressing room of the Tbilisi Arena and demanded that the perpetrator be punished or the team would leave the European Championships.

Turkish Football Federation vice-president and former player Omar Onan described the incident: “As Furkan Korkmaz was walking down the hallway leading to the locker room with our coach, the Georgian player who was not on the active roster attacked him along with the expelled player (ed.note: Duda Sanadze) and the police. Go The players in the locker room should not be attacked. At the end of the game, 30 policemen each pushed us into a fight. We had an altercation with the official Georgia police. I was calling FIBA ​​and I told FIBA officials. Don’t let anyone fool themselves or think we are stupid. They will bring us all the camera footage of that corridor minute by minute, nothing is missing. If these cameras don’t come to us, we will leave this game.

No matter where you look, there’s nothing to catch. Non-contestant St Helia went to the locker room with the three people on the bench. At the end of the game, the police appeared in front of our locker room. They are said to be protecting us, but they keep pushing us. We’ll hit each other with our fists.”

As assistant coach Hakan Demir, who was present at the press conference, as head coach Elgin Ataman was also ejected at the end of the second overtime, added: “Today, Georgia players and some security guards in the hallway disrespected us. We came here to play basketball, nothing else. So everything should stay on the court, and alas, a big scandal happened off the court. Things like that. Not in the spirit of sports. Today was supposed to be a game of basketball, unfortunately something happened outside of basketball. We have two games left in Georgia and unfortunately what happened in the hallway today goes against the spirit of the sport We were expecting more gentlemanly treatment, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

There was a basketball game with two overtimes on the court. Sometimes we played well and sometimes Georgia played well but after our player Furkan Korkmaz was disqualified three opposing players attacked him in the hallway and security attacked our players and our coaches. We’re here to play basketball, not boxing. Therefore, we are very disturbed by the security breaches we encounter today. We will also follow up on this issue. “

On top of that, Turkish officials protested the result of the race, which was mysteriously “lost” by 22 seconds during the brawl between Kolkmaz and Sanadze.

As DeMille explained: “The race today was 22 seconds off. The fact that it wasn’t just 1 or 2 seconds, it was 22 seconds made us think this situation was not just a mistake. We’re going to follow that. We come to Georgia It’s hope in a sister country. Yes, there was tension between the players on the pitch today, but we can’t accept what happened after that. The players can be nervous with each other on the pitch, but off the pitch they are friends. Sorry, security guards Involved in this incident today. Of course, Georgia won and I congratulate them too, but that’s not the point. What really matters is what happens in the hallway.”


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