Game Space Launched Player One Program, Aiming at Helping Gaming Studios and Influencers Launch NFTs and Connect with Billions of Fans

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Game Space, the first GameFi as a Service platform on the market, has launched the Player One Program. The project aims to help gaming companies, game content creators, streamers and influencers launch NFT and SBT to help make connections with their fans, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 and unlocking the potential of billions. of users.

The name of the program, Player One, is inspired by the movie “Ready Player One”. Game Space hopes to provide an NFT distribution platform for all through the Player One program, which will help gaming companies and influencers quickly connect with their fans, aggregate on-chain and off-chain data, and build their own economic system. for fans.

The first phase of the Player One program is by invitation only and not everyone is eligible to launch their own NFT. Users and fans can acquire free NFTs through their communities (streamers, influencers, gaming companies, etc.). The launch of NFT can be customized and will have several utilities and benefits designed by its organizer, which will help improve the management of their fans.

According to Michael, CEO of Game Space, the Player One program will focus on the gaming industry fan economy and promote Web2 players to enter the world of Web3 and GameFi. For gaming companies, Game Space also provides an SDK solution for rapid Web3 development. Gaming companies can launch their games or applications with the same blockchain functionality as StepN in just 7 days, which includes the launch and sale of NFT.

Akatsuki, an influencer in the NFT and GameFi field, said working with Game Space in launching an NFT will bring many benefits to his followers and fans. The first batch of Akatsuki x Game Space NFT badge holders will have access to exclusive utilities and benefits.

How can I get a Game Space NFT

Each Game Space NFT is unique, its type, level and perks are all customized by the organizer. Among these, SBT type NFTs are not transferable.

The only way to get a Game Space NFT is to submit the Game Space wallet address or user ID via events organized by the organizer (usually get the information by following Twitter and Discord). Players and fans can quickly collect their unique NFT and record their gaming adventures in the web3 world.

Below are the four simple steps to get your NFT

  1. Download the Game Space Wallet app. The App is currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store (outside mainland China). You can also find our APK on the Game Space website.
  2. Create your Game Space Wallet account
  3. Find the event organized by the organizer or project (you usually get the information by following Twitter and Discord) and enter your Game Space user ID or wallet address.
  4. The NFT will automatically be broadcast on your Game Space Wallet app after the event ends.

These are all the steps required to get your Game Space NFT.

Why should we collect Game Space NFT?

Game Space NFTs offer a unique way to connect influencers and fans. It helps rebuild their identities in the Web3 world by providing a range of features and low barriers to entry. Especially for serious fans, Game Space’s collection of NFTs focusing on their favorite influencer can be considered a decentralized form of identification, because everyone’s NFT collections are unique.

Collecting these NFTs is definitely fun. In addition to getting special benefits, you can also get AirDrops of various benefits provided by KOLs. Of course, there may be even greater potential to be discovered.

It is worth noting that Game Space is designed to be compatible with Web2 and Web3. Users can create and manage Web3 addresses based on their existing Web2 social media accounts (Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.), helping traditional users easily overcome the barrier to entry into the blockchain. At the same time, it allows users to retire their assets on-chain and connect their data on-chain and off-chain, unlocking the potential of billions of Web2 users.

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