January 30, 2023

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ATHENS – As you’ve seen over the past few weeks, Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs have gone from winning the championships back to winning down the recruiting path.

Next week they will look to secure their #2 Recruitment class with a strong end to the February signing period. They’ve made a great start to the 2024 class and have a real chance of finishing 1st this cycle.

Now it might be too soon for some, but the Bulldogs have gotten off to a great start in the 2025 class, too, and last week they secured a commitment from Micah, one of the nation’s top offensive tackle sophomores, in Mobile, Alabama. deserves Debose.

A strong, vicious lineman at 6ft 5,315lbs, the CF Vigor HS (AL) star’s left tackle is as good as it gets in the 2025 class and Dawg Post spoke to Vigor head coach Markus Cook about what the Bulldogs are come down the road in Dubose.

“Micah is an exceptional student athlete,” said Cook. “He’s a hard worker who comes to work and gets better every day. Micah is only 15 years old. He just scratches the surface of how good he can be. He’s a mule! He has fast feet with a powerful punch. He is powerful in run blocking play and has patience and violence in pass protection. He has great technique and accelerates on contact. He’s the complete package and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Micah wants to be a 5-star company and works every day to achieve that goal. He’s always trying to find a way to get better. The sky is the limit for Micah DeBose.

What more do you want? Just 15 years old, the Alabama native has size, work ethic and an extremely high SEC-level cap. He knows what his future could be as he continues to develop and add strength. So expect him to keep getting better and better over the next two years.

Right now, the Bulldogs are slowly fighting for the Offensive Tackle University title.

From Isaiah Wynn to Andrew Thomas to Jamaree Salyer and Broderick Jones, it’s clear that the Georgia program has produced elite offensive tackles as well as any program in the country of late.

With Amarius Mims taking on a bigger role in 2023 and the likes of Earnest Greene and Monroe Freeling waiting in the wings, it’s safe to say the Bulldogs will have a dominant offensive tackle game for years to come.

Georgia fans may have to wait a few years to see Debose in action, but when the time comes, Dawg Post thinks they’ll be happy with what he’s bringing to the table. Look for him to push for 5-star status later in the 2025 class.

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