Giants’ GM Joe Schoen on Darius Slayton, cap moves, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, more

New York Giants general manager Joe Schein touched on a variety of topics Thursday in what may be his only media availability ahead of Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans. Here are some key points.

Joe Schoen, College Scout

We learned from the Giants’ 2022 draft class that Schon likes to draft players he personally scouts.Therefore, it is worth noting that Schoen said Thursday He will play at Notre Dame vs. Ohio State this weekend.

Buckeyes quarterback CJ Stroud was one of the top players in that game. If you subscribe to Athletic, Dane Brugler will detail the top prospects in the game this weekend, along with several others. Our Chris Pflum will also be posting one ahead of Saturday’s game.

For those already in the 2023 NFL Draft, keeping an eye on the games Schoen is playing this season will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Darius Slayton

It sounds like the Giants do intend to move forward with wide receiver Darius Slayton on the 53-man roster, which many — including yours — see as a cut or trade candidate to save salary cap space.

“Yeah. Yeah. He’ll be on the team in week one,” Schoen said when asked about Slayton.

“You never know what’s going to happen, but we like our 53 right now, so we’re going to keep using our 53. If there’s an opportunity we need to pursue, then we’ll pursue it, whether it’s Darius or anyone else. “

Was Schoen just trying to make an offer in the market for the fourth-year catcher? Is he serious? We will find out.

From a pure talent standpoint, keeping Slayton makes sense. What’s not at all clear is how the Giants will do this given their salary cap mess. Again, we’ll know in the next few days.

Kenny Galadi

Schone revealed that Gorradi, a favorite target of frustrated Giants fans, “has a little program” in the offseason to side him during spring training after his poor 2021 season.

“He comes to work every day. Good boy, knows his mission and I don’t think he misses any practice. He’s free.”

I’ve said many times throughout training camp and preseason that, despite Goradi’s ups and downs in the summer, the best thing about him is that he works every day. It sounds like Schoen agrees.

Kadarius Toney Week 1 Program

Wide receiver Kadarius Toney hasn’t practiced all spring after offseason knee surgery. Due to a hamstring problem, he didn’t attend most of training camp and didn’t play a single preseason game. Schone, however, believes Tony will play in the season opener.

“I’m excited to see him play in a game, in a meaningful opportunity, and know the playbook and play,” Schoen said.

“We plan to have him ready when we hit Tennessee on September 11.”

Still, a healthy Tony could make a difference for the Giants.

About the salary cap

Speaking of the salary cap, Schoen, who looked disgusted, raised his hands in despair and talked about the “situation” he was responsible for cleaning up.

“We like the people here,” Schoen said. “In the situation we’re in, we might have to rebuild something (player contracts) next week. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re still dealing with a few different scenarios.

“We’re going to get where we need to be, where we can get through the season. The situation is the situation. It’s a hand we’re dealt with and we’re going to do the best we can with what we have.”

The Giants are currently the league’s worst at $5.205 million, beating their 2022 cap of $208.2 million. They have until Tuesday, September 6 to reach the cap.

The most logical candidate for a restructuring might be defensive lineman Leonard Williams. He is capped at $27.3 million in 2022 and $26.3 million in 2023, the final year of his current deal. The Giants could extend Williams and lower his cap in 2022.

If the Giants can find a trade partner willing to take wide receiver Kenny Galadi, they could save $17.75 million and carry only $3.4 million in dead money. The problem is that the Giants will almost certainly not find such a partner.

The Giants could move on from wide receiver Darius Slayton, a move that would provide $2.54 million in salary cap relief. Not enough, but a step in the right direction.


Despite fresh ideas from Schoen and coach Brian Daboll, the Giants continue their trend of suffering too many injuries each year.

“It’s football. Injuries can happen. We’ve been evaluating every part of the process, but, concussions can happen, it’s a contact sport. You have muscle strains. It happens every year. We can assess it and Check it out, but those things will happen…

“If there’s something we can do better, we’ll figure out a way to do it better.”

Schone noted that a Giants player suffered a concussion despite wearing a protective cap and ramming his helmet with another player who was also wearing a protective cap.

The reality is that the Giants do everything they can to keep their players safe and healthy. It doesn’t always happen.

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