Giants roster tracker: Tony Jefferson signing is finally official

The New York Giants’ merry-go-round continued to spin at a dizzying pace Thursday morning, with the team swapping four spots in its 16-man practice squad.


OL Wyatt Davis
DE Henry Mundo
DB Tony Jefferson
LB Charles Wiley

What comes out is:

DB Darren Evans
OT Roy Mbetka
OT Garrett McGinn
DB Nate Meadows

What does it mean

The big news is the addition of Jefferson, a veteran safety entering his ninth season, finally officially joining. The move was expected since the Baltimore Ravens waived the 30-year-old, who spent three full seasons and part of his fourth in Baltimore with Wink Martindale. .

Jefferson – at least for now – is part of the training class. Still, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he moved up to the 53-man roster anytime soon. Or, at least elevate game day. Jefferson played 104 regular-season games, starting 66.

Wyatt Davis, a former Ohio State guard and player you really like, is a potential giant ahead of the 2021 draft. He was selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the 3rd round (86th overall). The Vikings recently let him go after new general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah cleared most of the team’s draft class from last season.

Davis, who is 6-foot-4 and 315 pounds, has played just 28 special-team fast breaks in six games in 2021. He hasn’t played an offensive fast break once.

In Davis’ 2021 draft profile, BBV’s Chris Pflum called him “arguably the top guard in the draft.”

Here’s Chris’ prediction for Davis:

Wyatt Davis plans to be a starting point guard in the NFL with a plan to be versatile. He has the ability to transition to the left if his future team needs to use him there, but staying at right back will allow for a quick transition to the NFL.

For the most part, Davis is a “clean” prospect with all the characteristics of being a solid starter and almost immediately in the NFL’s starting role and in any blocking scenario. Even Davis’ weaknesses may improve with experience, especially his tendency to get a little lost on defenders in chaotic games. He already has the skills and game prowess to start on the NFL line and should get used to the pace of the professional game quickly.

During the draft process, coaches may fall in love with Davis’ toughness in the competition. Davis is a full-on guard, and it’s not uncommon to see him finish a game on the floor. There were even several occasions when Davis would jump on a defender he threw on the ground, like a pro wrestler going for the ball, adding an exclamation point to the match.

Davis’ late knee injury is likely to be of interest, both in terms of his timetable for his return to action and his future prognosis. However, if those reports are optimistic, there’s nothing wrong with Davis’ performance on the court.

Davis’ picks may be limited by the value of his position — “guards only” prospects — but you’re looking at the prospects you get from him. And what you get from Wyatt Davis is a good plug-and-play guard.

Obviously, things are not going well in Minnesota. Maybe Ohio State’s knee injury has something to do with it. Still, the 23-year-old is a player with upside and an interesting acquisition for the Giants.

Mondeaux, 6-foot-4, 280 pounds, has played 26 games for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the past two seasons, including two starts. In 2021, he has 2 sacks and 16 tackles (six solo tackles). Willie is a linebacker from UTSA who was waived by the Baltimore Ravens.

Mbaeteka seems to be the most interesting player in the training class. The 6-foot-9, 320-pound Nigerian offensive tackle had never played football before being signed by the Giants. The 22-year-old is far from ready to play in the NFL, but still an interesting athlete. It wouldn’t be surprising if he returned to the practice team at some point.

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