February 5, 2023

The best TV mother daughter duo was Lorelai and Rory. Ginny & Georgia has received Gilmore Girls comparisons despite the shows’ obvious differences.

Since Ginny & Georgia premiere 2020, Gilmore Girls Comparisons were made. Both shows follow the relationship between a single mother and a teenage daughter, but that’s where the similarities really end. Ginny & Georgia‘s Strength is elegant handling of mature content while Gilmore Girls‘ Strength is an endearing ensemble cast, including irresistible love interests.

After an incredibly successful run of season two Ginny & Georgia has proved that the Gilmore Girls Comparisons must end. There is no doubt that these are two very different shows that have unique elements that draw viewers in. Here’s a look at all the ways Ginny & Georgia and Gilmore Girls are different and shine for themselves.

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Ginny & Georgia delves into darker storylines

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 featured a powerful display of mental health. The season explored how Ginny went to therapy to stop self-harm, Georgia’s fear and trauma from her dark past, and Marcus’ depression returning even though he seemed happy in his new, exclusive relationship with Ginny. Ginny & Georgia didn’t shy away from showing the reality of the toll these mental health issues take on real-life people and characters. Ginny and Marcus put on heartbreaking performances as they helped each other through their mental health struggles at various points in the season.

That’s very clear Gilmore Girls had the potential to explore similar aspects of mental health, but chose not to stray from its light-hearted, comedic atmosphere. One particular moment that would have benefited from a mental health discussion was in Season 3, Episode 16, when Paris had a meltdown at a televised debate about having sex with her boyfriend but not making it to Harvard. It was clear she was having a hard time processing those two big events in her life, but the plot unravels quickly and the show moves on to the pivotal storyline of high school graduation.

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Lorelai and Rory have a healthier mother-daughter relationship

Lorelai Gilmore sits in Gilmore Girls with her daughter Rory.

Lorelai and Rory may not have the most conventional mother-daughter relationship, but their dynamic is healthier than Ginny and Georgia’s. Most of the time, Ginny hates Georgia, or at least hates the fact that Georgia cares more about herself and being a cool mom than about being a parent. Georgia’s selfishness is reflected in a detrimental way, as keeping the secret that Georgia murdered her last two husbands has aggravated Ginny’s self-harm until she confides in her father Zion that she needs help, although she cannot tell him the real reason she hurts herself. Ginny also asks Zion not to tell Georgia because she will make everything about her, which later turns out to be true in season 2 when Georgia discovers Ginny’s self-harm and invites herself to Ginny’s therapy session. In contrast, Lorelai and Rory were best friends throughout Gilmore Girls‘ and had relatively few problems compared to Ginny and Georgia.

Ginny has more typical teenage friendships

Ginny and Georgia MANG

on Gilmore GirlsRory mostly only had Lane, Paris and Lorelai as her best friends. Although she expands her circle of friends in college, Rory feels comfortable having a small, trusted group of confidants she can rely on. On the other hand, Ginny arrives in Wellsbury not knowing how to make friends due to growing up moving around, as Georgia always chooses to flee the city at the first sign of trouble. Ginny’s neighbor Maxine introduces her to her circle of friends and the four teenagers become closer and later call themselves MANG (Max, Abby, Norah and Ginny). They have a very typical teenage friendship dynamic made up of little fights and guilt. The biggest explosion in their friendship comes when Max is angry that Ginny slept with her twin brother Marcus at the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. Later in Season 2, this fight is also quickly resolved and MANG’s dysfunctional friendship resumes when Ginny tells Max that she really loves Marcus and he wasn’t just a casual connection.

Stars Hollow oozes small-town charm

Gilmore Girls cast

Most importantly, Stars Hollow continues Gilmore Girls bursting with small-town charm. Viewers cannot think of Stars Hollow without being reminded of Kirk’s ever-changing business ventures, Taylor Doose’s often unproductive town hall meetings, or Luke’s dry and sarcastic humor. Gilmore Girls drew heavily on the small-town trope and played up the comedy of its spectacular ensemble cast. Ginny & Georgia also has a wonderful ensemble cast, but the citizens of Wellsbury are less there for comedic effect, as the show plays up the show’s dramatic plot elements rather than leaning into the humor of small-town life.

Ginny and Georgia and Gilmore Girls are now streaming on Netflix.

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