Glee Alum Revealed in Latest RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Exit

Warning: This post contains spoilers for RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race season 2, episode 4.

What’s better than a drag queen lip sync in a choreographed number? Two!

On Fridays RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Racethe six remaining queens of the VH1 competition were joined by six legendary queens of RuPaul’s Endurance Race timeline to perform “Drag Duets”. But one star was sadly left alone when asked to step away from the competition.

It turns out she’s used to performing on her own And in groups such as alumna di Joythe hit FOX series that aired for six seasons (and if online fan theories are right, it may not be the only one Joy star in the mix.)

PEOPLE will reveal his identity shortly. But first, let’s go through each performance and see how RuPaul, Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews scored our divas in duet.


VH1 / The world of wonders

After a week of being at the bottom, it was time for the man behind Donna Bellissima, as he put it, “to literally leave everything pending”.

“Growing up I’ve had a lot of inner turmoil. I was ashamed of my body and I really feel like I’m bringing a lot of my old shit to it,” said the star, explaining that her addiction to props – a criticism in the past – it was because he was afraid of facing the insecurities around his own body.

“I was afraid to take off my baby shirt,” he noted. “There is this constant feeling as if I am not enough. It has taken me so long to become who I am that I don’t know how to do it so quickly with a new person. Maybe this experience gives me the opportunity to go through everything. that stuff finally. ”

Thankfully, silky nutmeg ganache (Endurance race season 11, Drag Race All Stars season 6) was there to help Donna hug her curves. “Big girls are sexy and we’re in season,” said Silky, before the two took the stage – “wearing as little clothes as possible” – for a sensual performance at Salt-N-Pepa and “Whatta Man” by En Vogue.

Subsequently, the judges praised Donna for her accuracy during lip syncing and praised her for enjoying herself during the show.

“I was really inspired by Silky,” Donna told the panel. “Silky reminded me that it is a blessing and a humble honor to be on stage with everything that is happening in the world.”


VH1 / The world of wonders

Chakra 7 reached a new level in its stamina last week, winning thanks to its ferocious performance as Fergie’s “MILF $”.

This week, he took off with a much softer performance, evoking ballet moves in a dance to the beat of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna’s hit, “Fly”.

At his side was Eureka! O’Hara, from Endurance race season 9 and 10, Endurance race All Stars season 6, as well as HBO’s hit, They were here.

Caged bird dresses coordinated with latex winged jumpsuits, Charka and Eureka! she gave an emotional performance. “It’s about love”, Eureka! said in advance. “It’s about breaking free. It’s about supporting each other, showing that family bond and how we can help each other break free.”

“Each week of drag, I have had a chance to experience my own power,” said Chakra, who said the number was an opportunity to inspire others “to find freedom no matter what holds you back.”

The judges certainly saw it, with RuPaul praising Chakra for the significance behind his performances. “I’m starting to understand that there is an opportunity to tell a full story in drag performances,” said Chakra. “It’s wherever your imagination is willing to take you. It’s just an amazing art form.”


VH1 / The world of wonders

Last week was a breakthrough week for Thirsty, who received praise from the judges for her ability to connect with the public.

For her duet partner, Thisty was paired with Katya, known to be an audience favorite thanks to her runs Endurance race season 7, Drag Race All Stars season 2 and the WOW Presents Plus series AHhhh.

The secret celebrity behind Thirsty was thrilled. “Katya is my favorite drag queen,” she said. “This is a bucket type of vibe.”

But he was really excited to tap Katya’s trust. “I’m starting to feel a little more confident in myself. But I feel Katya will definitely help me on this journey I’ve been on,” he said. “I feel a sense of security in acting like a fool. I’m still very nervous but I feel a sense of security knowing that Katya is up there with me. I think girls need to be careful. This is my week.”

For their act, the two took on Eva and Gwen Stefani’s “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” playing two door-to-door makeup vendors shaking their things for a sofa full of handsome men before the men start stripping. And despite looking good, the story left RuPaul a little confused.

“I wasn’t entirely sure about the story, but it sure was fun to watch,” Ru said.


VH1 / The world of wonders

Poppy Love’s performance this week was a true labor of love, literally.

After being asked last week to focus on his feminine side, the secret celebrity behind Poppy Love was paired with Morgan McMichaels, a legend (of Endurance race season 2 and All Stars season 3) known for serving fish and attitude.

“Try to steal my spotlights. I challenge you,” Morgan told him in the lab, with the star replying quickly, “Challenge accepted.”

“I want to do something you haven’t seen from Poppy,” he said. “Beyond the lines, a lot of acting, a lot of attitude in this performance. This is my chance to really shine that side of Poppy that everyone was finally looking for.”

It certainly delivered, again, literally. Playing Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine,” Poppy and Morgan played two women in the maternity ward, giving birth to dancing adult babies as they argued over the same lover.

“Fuck — did I just look?” Visage asked later. “This is what I call a drag masterpiece. I fell in love with drag many, many moons ago because there was a feeling that you could say and do what you wanted to do, despite what society thought. What you did tonight is a bit of a perfect example of why I fell in love with the art of drag. I really liked the absurdity of that. ”

“You’ve adopted this ridicule that is drag,” RuPaul said


VH1 / The world of wonders

A costume accident caused Milli Von Sunshine to trip over last week. But this week, the star behind the queen was determined to have an encore and have fun.

Gottmik, the trans-pioneer of Endurance race season 13, he was there to help, advising Milli to be big, bold and really let go. “Sass is what will bring this home,” she said.

In performing “Side to Side” Ariana Grande with Nicki Minaj, Milli and Gottmik took on the role of flight attendants tired of caring for their demanding passengers.

The high-energy lip sync was a joy to watch, but the judges encouraged Milli to step onto the pitch. “Miss perfectionist, your choreography will be fantastic, you are fantastic,” Visage said. “Now you have to take it to a level of nonsense. Literally something you think you would never do, that’s what I want you to do.”

“I agree with what Michelle said,” Matthew added. “The drag is ridiculous, the drag isn’t perfect. And you were a little bit perfect tonight.”


VH1 / The world of wonders

Endurance race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki was perfect for Chic-Fi-Lay, herself a winner last week.

The seasoned queen helped teach the dancing queen Chic-Li-Fay how to perform a killer performance while standing still. “There is a power in stillness,” Violet told the secret celebrity behind Chic in the lab. “You don’t have to be on the go all the time, and there’s an art in subtlety. We’ll show you. We have work to do!”

“This routine is slow [and] sexy and I’m terrified because I’m definitely more of a rhythmic girl, “the secret star said before the performance.” The thing is, there are no props, there are no dancers. Anything that goes wrong will come out. … But for my sake, I feel like I can’t do Chic-Li-Fay if I don’t have some of those comedic beats in there. I have to figure out how to keep that part alive. ”

And alive, he was. Set on Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s ballad, “When You Believe,” both artists mimicked Houston and Carey’s legendary “diva off” at the MTV Video Music Awards, tearing off parts of their matching clothes while lip-syncing to the melody. .

To say the judges were impressed would be an understatement. “He had those ridiculous elements that we love so much,” RuPaul said. “And you both did it so well.”


VH1 / The world of wonders

“How are we going to eliminate someone?” RuPaul asked the judges at the start of the competition, with Visage noting “It’s getting harder and harder”.

It is for sure. With so many great performances, even picking a winner was difficult, but Ru ultimately decided on Chic-Li-Fay, giving the queen streak victories.

This left five queens, three of whom Ru quickly dubbed safe. When they left, Milli and Thirsty stayed.

The lip sync for your life was Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”. Having been at the bottom before, Thristy had to fight very hard to stay and ended up scoring a win over Milli despite Milli’s energetic performance (and divisions).

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True to her name, Milli remained a positive sunshine until the very end, when she was revealed to be none other than Joy protagonist Jenna Ushkowitz.

Like the queens before her, Ushkowitz took home $ 5,000 for her charity. She thanked Ru for her experience, bragging to the end about how the experience had changed her perspective.

Five queens remain and, with the competition getting tighter, no one can guess who will make it to the top.

RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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