Good Afternoon, News: Mayor Approves ShotSpotter Pilot, Landlords Ruined Portland’s Cuddler, and White-Collar Russian Men Spared the Draft

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Good afternoon, Portland: What a week! If you are reading this, you are almost done with Friday! Even if you work on Saturdays, you are STILL almost done with Friday. We come to the news!


• The mayor’s office has decided to develop a pilot program for ShotSpotter: a controversial technology that uses microphones placed on telephone poles, lampposts and other tall buildings in the city to detect gunfire and gunshot-like sounds. The pilot project will have to be voted on by the City Council before being adopted by the city.

• The face of Portland’s professional pampering community, Samantha Hess, told al OregonIt is Lizzy Acker who is leaving the world of cuddling in a profile that flirts with the full spiral, unique for a piece “in motion”. Hess said his reasons for closing his business were burnout, bad hosts, and what appears to be just normal human cruelty and despair. What I’m taking away from all of this is that the owners ruined our cuddly.

Good heavens, check out the variety of glazes on display for Wing Week 2022. Our newspaper’s amazing Food Week team brought 27 different bars and restaurants aboard to offer six wings for $ 6 for 7 days!

• Oooo ooo ooo it’s Friday and you know what that means. Food news!


• Russia Update: As we said this morning, they continue to hold bogus elections and recruit men on duty, but now they exempt some of the men with clerical jobs because the companies they work for take care if they die.

• ICYMI: Can the president declassify with THOUGHT?

• ICYMI: Nintendo has announced the name and release date of the sequel the legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Expect it to disappear for a while after May 12 next year, as I much prefer the kingdom of Hyrule to this one.

• Financial Matters This Afternoon: Stonks Are Down, The Pound Is Down, The US Oil Price Is The Lowest For The Whole Year, Cryptocurrency Is A Shaky Investment And HEY, Why Cryptocurrency Investors Have So Many money to throw away in the first place? Ok, nobody asked for the last one. Nobody ever asks.

• Before starting the weekend, it seems like a good time to remind yourself that the stock market is not the economy, it just reflects how a group of large companies are doing.

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