Guardians Put Zach Plesac, Aaron Civale On Injured List

3:22 PM: Manager Terry Francona told reporters the team believes Plesack suffered a fractured bone in his last start, when he punched the ground in frustration after giving up a home run. jack lamb (twitter link via Mandy Bell of

This is the second time in Plesack’s career that he has been injured while expressing frustration. He “aggressively” ripped off his shirt and broke his right thumb during a bad game against the Twins last May. Plesack, who was also disciplined by the team in 2020 after breaching the club’s Covid-19 protocol, later expressed his displeasure in a since-deleted Instagram video.

2:54 pm: The team announced that Plesack suffered a fractured fifth metacarpal (little finger) in his right hand.

2:47pm: Guardians have arranged for right-handers Zach Plesack and Aaron Civalle On the injured list – Plesack with a fractured right hand, Civale with an inflamed forearm.right handed Cody MorrisFresh off a 60-day injury list yesterday when the roster expanded to 28 players, he will make his major league debut and start tonight’s game in place of Presack.Cleveland recalls right-hander Xzavion Curry and lefties Kirk McCarty Where Plesac and Civale from Triple-A Columbus are on the active roster.

Plesack, 27, is fourth in starts (23) and pitches (127). He has a 4.39 ERA, 18.1% strikeout, 6.8% walk and 40.7% rollout. ERA alternatives such as FIP (4.50) and SIERA (4.40) generally agree with the assessment of his work so far in 2022. That doesn’t match the form Plesac showed in his first two seasons, when he recorded a 3.32 ERA with 29 major league starts in his first season, but has become a viable rotation in Cleveland over the past few seasons choose.

Civale, also 27, is on the injured list for the third time this season. He missed time with a hip injury and a sprained right wrist, but it was his first forearm-related issue of the season. While Civale’s overall 5.40 ERA is noticeably dazzling, he’s had a pretty decent run of late. Since suffering a wrist injury in late June, he’s had nine catches with a 3.68 ERA while hitting exactly a quarter of his opponents and walking with a 6.1% clean rate.

It’s an untimely pair of injuries for the Guardians — not that it’s a “good” time to put 40% of the rotation on the injured list — because they’ve dropped games back-to-back and have seen The Twins are back on the injured list. In a game where the AL Central leads. Meanwhile, the White Sox have won back-to-backs and narrowed their deficit to a manageable four games. At this point, the AL Central is the only division in Major League Baseball that has three teams legally contending for the division title.

With two openings in the rotation, the Guards could use Morris and Curry as replacements in the short term. Morris, 25, would have been in the rotation now if he hadn’t suffered a teres major strain in spring training — an injury that kept him on hold until early August. He was drafted to the 40-man roster last November with a 1.62 ERA and 93-20 K/BB in 61 minor league games, and so far he’s had a great minor league rehab. Morris has 52 triple-A innings under his belt between 2021-22, during which time he has a 1.90 ERA, a 40.6% strikeout rate and an 8.9% walk rate.

Curry, meanwhile, made his MLB debut earlier this season, allowing a three-pointer in five innings against the visiting Tigers. The 24-year-old typically ranks between Cleveland’s No. 10 and No. 20 prospects in various assessments of the system. Since being sent back to the squad, he’s taken quite a hit in two Triple-A starts, but his overall numbers between the Double-A and Triple-A this season remain solid: 4.00 ERA, 25.9% strikeout rate, 108 8.3% walk rate innings.


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