Gunnar Henderson homers in his MLB debut as the Orioles down the Guardians, 4-0

What an unforgettable Orioles baseball Wednesday night. Showing up in a matchup that looks ugly on paper, it’s even sweeter. The Orioles hitters were hit by Cleveland on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday, they had to face the AL’s third-ranked WHIP in Triston McKenzie, plus a 30 1/3-running keeper with no run allowed bullpen.

Sometimes, even if it doesn’t make sense, you win. The Orioles didn’t do much pitching against Cleveland tonight, but they did two things very well: first, see a lot of pitching, and second, call Gunnar Henderson. I’m kidding, but neither. Like everyone says, this guy is a beast.

Back to the first thing. Triston McKenzie has had few hits, walks and runs this season. So forcing him to shoot a lot proved to be a smart strategy.The Orioles threw 86 pitches in four innings (he only played five), including a foul sixteen Mackenzie products on two strikes. It also included a 33-ball third inning as McKenzie ran after Rougned Odor’s opening single and his head was messed up in a fine 10-ball bat from Anthony Santander.

McKenzie had just five hits tonight, but one of them was a big one. The latest Orioles fouled impressively on some of McKenzie’s best pitches (curve and heater) on Gunnar Henderson’s second drive in the fourth inning, forcing the right-hander into his toolbox in search of a slip. piece. bad idea! Gunnar swung it so hard that his helmet completely fell off, so he ended up trotting bareheaded and looking super cool, whatever.

With the home run, Gunnar became the Orioles to hit his first home run in his first MLB game since Trey Mancini. Jim Palmer called the blast “majestic.” So did Henderson’s MLB debut. Not only did the rookie go 2 for 4 with a 101.4 mph single in the ninth inning, he also hit a good triple just when some hapless Guardian fans started chanting “Overrated!” Gunnar started a crucial fourth-inning double to save starter Jordan Lyles, brandishing a big arm (which MASN’s Kevin Brown called a “howitzer” and Jim Palmer pretending to warn first baseman Ryan Mountcastle, “Look there! You’re going to get hurt!”).

Obviously, everything else that happened in this game is likely to be overshadowed by this show. That’s why we turn to Jordan Lyles and his 6.2-inning restricted-area baseball so late in our review against a team that ranks fourth in average in the AL. Forever, I’ll consider Jordan Lyles the “best dad ever” pitching late in “For the Boys,” but this lengthy suspension was more impressive than most.

At one point, it looked like an outing to forget about Lyles.Sometimes his orders seem to abandon him…like when he throws more balls than strikes In the fourth inning, he gave up the lead double against the dangerous Jose Ramirez before walking to full bases.and still Cleveland didn’t score on him, then, or any other time tonight.

How did the veteran get 6.2 innings out of his baseball cap? Timely defense, what Jim Palmer calls “his best curveball of the year,” and plenty of Orioles magic! magic! magic! Lyles was lifted in the seventh inning after the second GIDP of the game, leaving a 2-0 lead in the hands of Cionel Pérez, who quickly ended the innings.

That’s not a huge lead, especially against the Cleveland bullpen, which has pitched 33 innings without a run. That all changed with one out in Game 8. Adley Rutschman went, the first of the last 11 Orioles to reach the base, and then out, DH’ing’s Ramón Urías fired a ball over the wall for the Orioles the third and fourth runs. Great time to break the streak!

A four-point pad is starting to look a lot better, especially when Cionel Pérez proved to bring some absurd stuff tonight, including a big-boy strikeout on José Ramírez, who let Do not The bat looks like a one-off. Against Ramirez, Perez drew a swinging K using sliders, fastballs, fastballs, fastballs, sinkers. (Perez only throws sinkers 14 percent of the time, and I forget he has a pitch. So, it seems, Ramírez does.) To close out Game 8, Ryan Mountcastle made a massive full-stretch dive with Get a former shortstop. Mountcastle would do it again in the ninth, gobbling up a liner to help Félix Bautista before he ended the game with ease.

Great pitching from the starter, closing stuff from the bullpen, key defense, tough hitting against competitive opponent pitchers. As of this writing, Tampa Bay is winning, Seattle is ahead, but Toronto and Minnesota are struggling. So in addition to an impressive win, it could also be a big one. So far, the Orioles are 17-10 on August better than any AL team except Tampa Bay. The playoff push has a new leg, and it looks like this leg is 21 years old and playing third base.


Who was the birdiest player on Wednesday?

  • 84%

    Gunnar Henderson (2-for-4, solo, “majestic” HR in his MLB debut)

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  • 14%

    Jordan Lyles (6.2 IP, 0 R, 4 H)

    (109 votes)

  • 0%

    Ramón Urías (2-run HR) (ibid.)

    (7 votes)

  • 0%

    Rough Smell (2 for 4, R, Big D) (same as above)

    (3 votes)

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