Helium Devs Propose Ditching Their Own Blockchain For Solana

  • Switching to Solana Would Improve Network Scalability – Experts
  • Consequently, it would lead to significant economies of scale to the network
  • SOL price at the time of writing – $ 31.13

The Internet of Things (IoT) Helium blockchain network could switch to the Solana blockchain following another HIP 70 administrative proposal sent on Tuesday.

Helium engineers said the need to work on functional competence and adaptability should bring huge economies of scale to the organization.

The Helium network works by introducing a Helium hotspot to provide decentralized remote 5G organization inclusion for web clients in their space.

Helium uses a unique settlement tool, Proof of Inclusion, to confirm network availability and disperse HNT tokens to Helium Hotspot providers when inclusion is verified.

Helium developers stressed the need to solve a number of technical problems

The proposal comes when Helium’s designers stressed the need to solve various specialized problems to work on the organization’s capabilities.

The HIP 70 proposal was advanced to further develop these information movement and organization inclusion capabilities, as per the Helium GitHub page.

Whenever they are exceeded, helium-based HNT, IoT and MOBILE tokens and data credits (DCs) are also moved to the Solana blockchain.

The organization’s HNT is purchased from the vendor area of ​​interest, the IoT is acquired by the hub administrators who supply the LoRaWAN organization, the MOBILE is purchased when the 5G inclusion is provided, and the domain controllers are used to pay for exchange fees.

Since its creation in 2013, the Helium network has worked alone on the blockchain. The Hotspot digital broadcast has Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi expressing in some Twitter posts that “Ethereum was excessively slow” and “different choices [at the time] they weren’t exactly engaging.

Despite nearly 1,000,000 Helium hotspots overall broadcast and supported by any semblance of Google Ventures, the organization has not been without reactions.

Last month, business visionary Liron Shapira scolded the organization for its complete lack of end customer interest after news that the organization was just creating $ 6,500 each month from information revenue. despite having raised over $ 350 million.

Similarly, the Helium network experienced a four-hour blackout, which impacted the ability of HNT token holders to trade their tokens and prevented Helium Hotspot’s excavators from earning rewards.

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The territory responds strongly

Numerous people from the Helium group of people responded to HIP 70 with a positive sentiment, who are of the opinion that joining Solana will help designers in a colossal way.

Ryan Bethencourt, an accomplice to the sponsor of Web3 Layer One Ventures, told his 16,000 Twitter adherents that the proposal is immense for Helium and Solana if the suggestion is supported.

The HIP 70 vote is booked for September 12, which will be made accessible to HNT token holders on heliumvote.com. The voting will end on 18 September.

The news does not seem to have decisively influenced the cost of HNT which is currently valued at $ 5.23, down 15.5% in the last few hours.

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