January 27, 2023

The most recent report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the New Jersey State Common Pension Fund D revealed that the Fund’s holdings in Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (NYSE: HLF) fell 15.4% in the third quarter. This information was extracted from the submitted document. Following the transaction in the previous quarter, which sold 16,004 shares of the company, the organization now owns a total of 87,775 of those shares. At the end of the last reporting period, the New Jersey State Common Pension Fund D held 0.08% of Herbalife Nutrition stock valued at $1,746,000. This position was held at the end of the last reporting period.

Other institutional investors have recently changed their holdings of HLF, some of which are relatively new. Herbalife Nutrition was the beneficiary of a 6.5% increase in holdings made by Envestnet Asset Management Inc. for the first three months of the year. Following additional purchases of 747 shares during the relevant period, Envestnet Asset Management Inc. now directly owns 12,308 shares of the Company. Based on the stock’s current price, this gives the company a total value of $374,000. During the first three months of 2018, Advisor Group Holdings Inc. increased the percentage of shares owned by Herbalife Nutrition by 50.0%. During the most recent fiscal quarter, Advisor Group Holdings Inc. acquired an additional 1,415 shares of the Company, bringing its total number of shares held to 4,243, valued at $128,000. This brings the total number of shares the company owns to 4,243. During the first three months of the fiscal year, Citigroup Inc. increased the percentage of Herbalife Nutrition stock it owned by 8.9%. Citigroup Inc. currently holds 18,413 shares of the company’s stock, which has a market value of $559,000. This stems from the purchase of 1,503 additional shares in the most recent fiscal quarter. During the first three months of 2018, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP made a 1.8% purchase of additional shares of Herbalife Nutrition, increasing its share of the company’s total holdings. After purchasing an additional 17,482 shares last quarter, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP now holds 1,011,947 shares of its stock in its portfolio. These shares are valued at $30,723,000. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, also spent $379,000 in the first three months of the year to acquire a new interest in Herbalife Nutrition. This purchase was completed during the period. The total value of the stock is 98.91% of the stocks held by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Several HLF analyst reports are now available for your review and review. Herbalife Nutrition was the subject of an article first published in the Research section of StockNews.com on Wednesday, October 12th. They recommended buying shares in the entire company. Citigroup gave the stock a Buy rating and lowered its price target for Herbalife Nutrition from $30.00 to $26.00 in a research study published Tuesday, November 1st. The subject of the report was the company’s stock. B. Riley gave Herbalife Nutrition a “buy” rating in a research report published Nov. 1, and the company’s price target was lowered to $31.00 from $38.00. In addition, they lowered the planned price of Herbalife Nutrition. Four market observers gave the stock a buy rating, while only two analysts gave the stock a “hold” rating. According to information from Bloomberg.com, the company is currently rated with a consensus rating of Moderate Buy and its price target is currently rated at a consensus of $24.25. Additionally, the consensus price target for the company’s stock is currently $24.25.

The first day of trading for HLF shares was on Friday at $17.37 per share. The company’s price-to-earnings ratio of 5.71 and beta value of 1.13 are very high. Currently, the total value of the company based on its market capitalization is $1.70 billion. During the company’s existence, Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. in the stock market a 52-week low of $12.04 and a 52-week high of $45.62. The stock price has traded at an average of $15.54 over the last 50 trading days, while the price has traded at $20.57 over the last 200 trading days.

On October 31, a Monday, Herbalife Nutrition (NYSE: HLF) released the latest quarterly report it had prepared. The company reported earnings per share of $0.91 for the quarter, which is $0.17 above the consensus estimate of $0.74 per share. The company’s final balance sheet for quarterly revenue was $1.30 billion, down from the generally accepted guidance of $1.30 billion. Herbalife Nutrition had a net margin of 5.71 percent and the company had a return on equity that was negative 24.55 percent of the time. Revenue the company generated in the previous quarter was 9.5% lower than revenue generated in the corresponding quarter last year. The company’s earnings per share were $1.21 based on its financial results for the same period last year. The analysts tracking the market are speculating that Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. earning $2.94 per share this year.

Michael Johnson, the company’s CEO, acquired 19,675 shares of the company’s stock on Dec. 9, according to additional information on the matter released recently. The total cost of purchasing the shares was $249,675.75, averaging $12.69 per share throughout the transaction. As a result of the acquisition, the CEO now directly owns 275,062 shares in the company. These shares are valued at $3,490,536.78, making the CEO’s total assets $3,490,536.78. The official document allegedly used in the acquisition can be accessed on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. Michael Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife Nutrition, bought 19,675 shares on Friday, December 9th. The total cost of the share purchase was $249,675.75, averaging $12.69 per share throughout the transaction. As a result of the purchase, the CEO now holds a total of 275,062 shares in the company. Based on the current market price, these shares are worth approximately $3,490,536.78. A document detailing the transaction is available on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. Henry C. Wang, the company’s executive vice president, purchased 2,500 shares of the company at Fr.

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