Herbstreit sizes up ND QB Tyler Buchner and his future beyond the OSU clash

for Kirk Herbstreetit feels more like an expansion Taylor Buchner In the national spotlight on Saturday night, the first hint of what he might turn into is not the opportunity for the Notre Dame sophomore quarterback to clearly define his long-term goals.

Even he created enough magic for the fifth-ranked Irishman in his first college start to extend the nation’s longest active away winning streak to 11 games in the two-team season opener. The most popular Ohio State University with 17 ½ points. .

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Former Ohio State quarterback Herbstreit said: “Now that I call these NFL games games, I think the repetition at that position — whether it’s high school football, college football, whatever — is about quarterbacks. The game is slowing down.” will take on the analyst role for ABC’s televised Saturday night (7:30 ET) from the sure-to-rare Ohio Stadium.

“One of the ways you can do that is when you go out and play. You go through some really tough times and you get through it. The next game you come back and you continue to build on the foundation of the work.

“So, he’s a talented player. But by the middle of the season or at the end of the season, he’s going to be a very different player because that’s what I’ve described.”

Buchner played 163 college games as a freshman, playing a niche role to complement/replenish departing starters Jack Cohen last season. This is a remarkable achievement as the California COVID-19 pandemic restrictions (2020) and an ACL tear in the first offensive series of the 2018 season limited the San Diego product to one high school season as a varsity starter (2019) .

He’s skilled enough in a 2021 doubles role to average 7.3 yards per carry, roughly a yard-and-a-half more than a QB Tony Rice Average during Notre Dame’s last national championship season (1988).The 6-foot-1, 215-pound Buchner ended up being Notre Dame’s second-leading rusher in 2021, behind only the 1,000-yard rusher Karen Williamsnow a rookie running back for the Los Angeles Rams.

As a passer, Buchner has an efficiency rating of 142.7, nearly 50 points higher than the 2006 Heisman Trophy finalist Brady Quinn Acquired as a freshman in 2003. But with 35 pass attempts this season, Buchner has accumulated 24 fewer passes in 10 games than the record-setting Quinn made his solo debut against Purdue in 2003. .

“I’m so excited to meet Buchner,” Herbstreit, who is also part of ESPN College GameDay’s staff in Columbus, said Tuesday via a Zoom conference call. “Now that he’s won the job, it’s his offense. It’s an opportunity for the (offensive coordinator) Tommy Reese Show America and Notre Dame fans, not just, ‘This is our system. this is us. ‘

“Great offensive coordinators, like Tommy, adjust their plans based on their personnel and strengths. So, you go from being a more traditional dropback (Cohen) to someone who can really give defenses with legs and arms People who put pressure on, I think you’re going to see a very different approach.”

Ohio State’s defensive numbers are very different, at least methodologically, from a 2021 ranking of No. 59 in the nation’s total defense and No. 96 among 130 FBS teams.

Those numbers lead to Buckeye defensive coordinator being demoted during the season Kerry Combs And his playoff purge.he was replaced by Jim Knowles, He presided over the all-around defense of the nation’s 5th team in Oklahoma.

However, Knowles did not coach the Cowboys in their 37-35 Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame on Jan. 1.

“It’s a defense mechanism that keeps you guessing,” Herbstreit said. “And you won’t be able to lock on and know where they’re at. They’ll camouflage (the lines and pressure). And, especially on the third drop, , they’ll catch up to the quarterback.

“That’s his calling card. That’s what he’s been known for. Now he’s got some serious players who can make him step up defensively. So, I’m excited to see how they’ve played the past few years and how they’ve played this year.”

Kirk Herbstreit, yes, will play double duty Saturday in Columbus, Ohio -- as part of ESPN's college game day in the morning and for ABC on Saturday night.
Kirk Herbstreit, yes, will play double duty Saturday in Columbus, Ohio — as part of ESPN’s college game day in the morning and for ABC on Saturday night. (Joshua A. Bickel, USA TODAY Sports Network)

Buchner did not play for Oklahoma State, one of three games he spent on the sidelines last season.

“Tommy Reese … will try to keep his young quarterback from having to deal with a lot of those 3s and 3s and 3s,” Herbstreet said. “They need to be on schedule and avoid those obvious passing situations, otherwise it could be a tough day for their attacking line and Tyler Buchner.

“So, I would say the most important thing for them is to act early and catch the Ohio State defense on time. Throwing (the ball) on your terms is an offense, not waiting until they know what’s next what happened.”

In a meeting with the media after training Tuesday night, Buchner said he was confident he could navigate Knowles’ plan, the expected unfriendly atmosphere and the big stage. He said that since Buchner was named QB1 two-and-a-half weeks ago, Reece has been training him harder, which has only increased confidence levels.

“I think it might have something to do with volume,” Buchner said when asked if Reese’s vocabulary had changed and became clearer.

“I would say he expected more – like, not in a bad way, but he really pushed me every day. Like I missed the scouting period, like today, he’s really in me It’s like constant training and things that prepare me because he wants me to be the best player to help this team.”

What will it look like in the end?

“I don’t know enough about him to give a very strong answer to who he is and what he might be like,” Herbstreit said. “I personally like a flexible quarterback. I like someone who can sit The guy who throws every time in the pocket. But when things aren’t there, I like a guy who can use his feet.

“I like a guy who can do small reads and be honest on defense that way. So, he has a lot of skills that I personally like to see. And I think he could be very effective in the college game, But I need to know more about him before I can tell you what his ceiling might be.”

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