How ASUU Is Holding The Knife For Government

Nothing kills productivity and development like politics and trade unionism. In Nigeria, politics and union are not defined by a clear ideology or altruism, but motivated by personal whims and whims, nothing altruistic. The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has extended its strike by six months indefinitely and politicians don’t care because most of them have no personal business with public universities as their wards are walled up in luxurious private universities . With this struggle to end, students like the proverbial weed will suffer the stubborn thuds of the government and the ASUU.

Ironically, the children of politicians would spend less than four years in universities and would come to resume jobs that would be vacated by their fathers and mothers while the children of the masses would be left at the mercy of the ASUU struggle and the insensitivity of the government. ASUU members will still have their way because they will still receive their pay for the time they left office on our campus. The ASUU is part of the elite circle, their struggle is first for themselves and anything else is secondary.

Rather than stagnating student progress, can’t ASUU be deliberate and face the government decisively by refusing to serve as election officials during elections? Suing the government, shutting down the three branches of government? Why use students as pawns and as a suffocating bargaining chip? Part of the ASUU’s demands is the absence of infrastructure, but the few that exist are now left to decay due to the closure of universities. A typical case of robbing Paul to pay Peter

Nobody says ASUU should not be motivated and their conditions of service improved, but certainly not at the expense of poor students who have struggled to raise tuition, pay for housing, buy groceries and are left to their helpless fate. . This is a grieving situation that affects the masses and supported by the contraptions of two selfish elites… As it stands, let the children of the poor continue to stay at home while the strike continues. Wealthy and middle-class children attend overseas or private schools. Let the ASUU continue to use middle-class children as a shield to negotiate better pay. Let the ASUU hide behind the cover of the labs and prevent the children of the poor from graduating from universities while the children of the middle class and the rich are seizing the small opportunities out there.

In the long run, the ASUU holds the knife in hand for the annihilation of public universities in Nigeria. Until then, some states’ decision to withdraw from the national ASUU should be applauded: usually, it is a real aberration to have states that do not share a legal framework in terms of employer and employee pact join forces. with a body that operates as federal government employees. State universities are owned by state governments and their terms of service are derived from the guidelines of these states, so how do you expect the same treatment from the federal government for you? it is not only intriguing but confusing, except for the purpose of commercial solidarity which, when measured critically, makes no sense. Public universities are bleeding not thanks to the combined onslaught of the government and the ASUU: any unionism that stifles growth should be thrown away.

And the president of the Academic Union of Universities, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, should calm down with his public outburst, he seems to be tough and tough on almost everyone. recent television appearances of him have shown a man without self-control and the ability to get his message across without being edgy and offensive, he looks more like an opposition politician than a unionist. Character and learning managers must be seen as shining examples to the audience, conflict resolution teachers cannot afford to be avoidable impasse activators. he lets Nigeria’s struggle for public education be anchored in real whims and not self-interest.

Frankly brooding.

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