How Many Video Games Are in Development?

Disney’s D23 will be held from 9-11 September and promises to showcase a number of projects expected from the many different IPs controlled by House of Mouse. For Star Wars fans, the future of games set in a galaxy far, far away looks brighter than ever, as new information about a series of games in development may be shown next weekend.

Star Wars the games have long been a welcome sight for gamers, so much so that they are a brand new build Star Wars Battle front 3 was celebrated by fans, even after 14 years of its untimely cancellation. While fan support has somewhat cooled due to EA’s exclusivity deal, the franchise still has lifelong fans looking to return to the epic sci-fi series. With EA exclusivity no longer a factor and D23 just around the corner, these are the confirmed Star Wars games in development that fans are eager to see.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RemakeStar-Wars-Knights-of-the-Old-Republic-Remake-Revan

Star Wars: The Knights of the Ancient Republic it is probably one of the most popular of all Star Wars game, still maintaining a dedicated fan base 19 years after its release in 2003. The upcoming remake is currently suffering from a troubled production, with the project being transferred to Saber Interactive by original developer Aspyr Media.

The shaky state of game development and concerns about the need to redo the game have led to concerns about the future of the remake, but current information points to the KOTOR the remake is still slated for release. Whether the game will make an appearance at D23 remains to be seen, but any new information is sure to thrill those looking to try the game with a fresh coat of paint.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivorstar wars jedi survivor

The continuation of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Jedi: survived, has been a highly anticipated title since the initial release of Respawn Entertainment’s stellar original, which introduced gamers to Cal Kestis. With any luck, fans might see something new from the game at D23. Information on Survived it’s still subtle, even if the next tie-in novel, Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars, will help bridge the five-year gap between Fallen order and the continuation.

After being announced during the Star Wars Celebration in May, Jedi: survived it should be more complex and mature than its predecessor, addressing the challenges Cal faces as one of the only Jedi left in the galaxy during the Empire’s heyday. While no solid release date has been confirmed, the game should be relatively close at hand.

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Star Wars Eclipse

Quantic Dream, the developer behind Heavy rain And Detroit: Become Human, announced this game set during the High Republic era at the 2021 Game Awards. While the game’s troubled development may have been overdone, there has been controversy about the developer that has some fans worried. Expected after other Quantic Dream games, Star Wars Eclipse it is expected to be a narrative-based game, set hundreds of years before the start of Skywalker Saga.

Respawn’s first person shooter and real-time strategy games

The Apex Legends the developers are busy with more of their latest battle royale season e Jedi: survived. Although no titles have been awarded yet, Respawn has confirmed their work on an FPS and RTS taking place in the Star Wars universe. Although it can be expected that Respawn will focus its ads Jedi: survived, the title announcements for the game duo may be enough to fuel enthusiasm for fans.

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Star Wars: HuntersStar Wars Hunters promotion

Developed by Zynga and Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars: Hunters is an arena-style team-based shooter that will be released on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game’s initial release date in 2022 has been pushed back to 2023, allowing for the first Ville farm developer to spend more time fine-tuning the game for fans. The title will take the hero shooter genre popularized Watch over to the Star Wars universe and is set to feature rebels, imperials, and bounty hunters from the Galactic Civil War era of the series.

Ubisoft’s open world Star Wars game

One of the giants when it comes to open world games is also working on a Star Wars title. The game is in development at Massive Entertainment, best known for their Division series. It promises to bring the enormous scale of Ubisoft’s open world development style into a still unknown period of Star Wars canon. With Ubisoft’s Forward event over the D23 weekend already on display Assassin’s Creed Mirage, players may have a chance to see what’s in store for this teased title.

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Amy Hennig’s Star Wars gameDarth Malak from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Skydance New Media, a studio led by game director Amy Hennig, is also working on a new title for the Star Wars universe. Hennig’s previous experience in Star Wars game scene was Ragtag project, a Visceral Games title that failed. Hennig was the creative director behind the Unexplored series, which means fans of high-octane adventure games will likely appreciate what his new studio can produce.

It is not likely that all Star Wars games in development will have something to show at D23 this year, as some are not expected to see release dates in the years to come. Despite this, the sheer volume of new titles taking place in George Lucas’ iconic setting means that every Star Wars fans will have something to be excited about as they watch new trailers, announcements, and even some gameplay footage surrounding these titles.

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