How To Be A Pro With Collei In Genshin Impact

Since the beginning of Genshin Impactthe community was eagerly waiting to see the final element, Dendro, in the game. It was finally released alongside Sumeru in the version 3.0 update, with Collei being the first four-star character who can manipulate this element. For this reason, the community had a lot of expectations from her.

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Collei is a forest ranger who works with Tighnari to eliminate the dangers within the rainforest. Lore lovers have already met this character in the official Genshin manga, available on their website, which made us fall in love with her personality from the very beginning.

Collei is very versatile

Fortunately, Hoyoverse did a great job designing the Dendro character that most of the free-to-play, low-cost community will have access to. Its kit allows it to adapt to a wide range of playing stylesand although some of these may not be the most efficient, they are still a possibility.


First, Collei’s entire kit signals that he is an off-screen support character. This style of play works best for her he can simply press his elemental ability and quickly burstthen swap it with another character.

On the other hand, you can easily use it as the main cause of damage using weapons like Polar Star with the Emblem of Severed Fate or Gilded Dreams artifact set. Its elegant playing style will surely entice you to use it as much as possible.

Has energy recharge problems

Each character in Genshin Impact has a set of three skills. These include their normal attacks, elemental abilities, and elemental burst. The elemental explosion requires a certain amount of energy to be activated e this is Collei’s bread and butter.

The energy cost for its burst is 60, which is considered an average burst cost, but don’t let this mislead you. Her elemental ability generates three particles for her every 12 seconds (skill cooldown time). Since he’s off the pitch most of the time, his cooldown deteriorates further.

To use it correctly, you need to solve this problem by using an energy reload weapon like Elegy for the End, Favonius Warbow or Sacrificial Bow. All of their passives are useful for recovering the burst faster, although the latter two weapons increase his time on the field, which is not the best.

In case you want to use a weapon with a different main stat, you can try to solve energy problems by finding this stat as secondary stats on your artifacts or using an energy refill sand as your main stats. However, this will significantly reduce your damage.

Its boomerang can be tricky with elevation

Collei probably has one of the most satisfying elemental abilities because she is a boomerang. But this skill seems to have some problems with elevation. Whenever you use your elemental ability at a higher altitude than your enemies, it will pass over their heads and not strike them.

This can be quite annoying as when fighting in the open world on Genshin, most of the time you won’t have a level field. Also, if you use this skill on a lower elevation towards a height, the boomerang will simply hit the ground and disappear.

To avoid this, the best practice is to stay on the same level as your enemy. For enemies that are in the air and cannot be reached, you can use Geo structures such as Zhongli or the elemental ability of Geo Traveler.

Collei relies on reactions

After reading Collei’s talents, especially his passives, it’s obvious that is meant to trigger a lot of Dendro reactions which was released alongside the Sumeru update. One of his liabilities deals extra damage to its elemental ability when you trigger a reaction.

Another increases the duration of your elemental blast when reactions are triggered during it. Additionally, Hyperbloom is definitely one of the best reactions in Genshin Impact and significantly increases Electro damage.

However, its elemental ability doesn’t have many Dendro applications, so you have to rely on your elemental blast for that. Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun and Fischl they are some of Collei’s best teammates for that.

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The constellations make it so much better

Whenever you get a duplicate of any character after unlocking it for the first time, a constellation is unlocked which gives the respective character a special buff. For low-cost, free-to-play gamers, the only way to get five-star character constellations is through sheer luck or sheer dedication.

Fortunately, Collei is a four star and it’s much easier to get its constellations. This is good because he relies on them to be a great character. The first constellation of her solves the problem of her energy recharge while the third and fifth give her extra levels on her ability and she bursts.

Further, some of its constellations enhance its elemental abilityand the sixth allows you to have a mini elemental burst occasionally when using your elemental ability.

It can be a great battery

It is significantly difficult to build Collei as the primary off-court or on-court damage inflictant. This is why reduces the percentage of ATK on ascension and suffers from energy problems. For this reason, when it comes to the weapon and artifact set, you need to focus on energy recharge, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Elemental Mastery.

So, you can also use it as a battery for other Dendro characters. Basically, if you use his elemental ability and switch to another Dendro holder, they’ll get a good amount of energy depending on how much energy recharge they have.

Due to this, you can have good activity time on elemental explosions of both Collei and the other characters. For this build, you don’t have to focus too many resources on Collei and it can still be extremely useful for your team.

Avoid using Cryo units with her

While the version 3.0 update saw reactions between Dendro and most of the elements, Cryo wasn’t one of them. Whenever you use a Cryo character like Ayaka or Ganyu with her, you will simply see Dendro damage and Cryo damage on the screen but no reaction will activate.

Genshin’s world is sustained by reaction. The developers make it a point don’t give too much raw damage to most characters because this can be multiplied with different reactions and buffs like Bennett’s Elemental Burst or Kazuha’s Anemo Swirl.

With all of this in mind, it becomes a bad decision to combine Cryo’s characters with Collei. However, you can add a Hydro or Electro character with it to make the team a little more viable.

You can increase the duration of its elemental ability

In addition to being stunning to look at, Collei’s elemental ability also has some dynamic aspects that you can get used to. increases the length of his boomerang’s stay in the field. Whenever this boomerang hits an enemy, apply Dendro to him and this trick can help apply the element to multiple enemies.

When you throw the boomerang by pressing the skill, start on your right side and then rotate to the left as it comes back to you. You can do two things while the boomerang is in the field to increase its duration.

First, you can just walk backwards if an enemy is behind you. The ability only ends when the boomerang gets close to you, so if you put multiple enemies in the way, it’ll hit them too. On the other hand, you can move forward from the right side, which will do they allow you to hit the enemies to your right as well.

Unfortunately, this ability doesn’t allow you to hit a single enemy a third time even though you can pass the boomerang through it three times. Also, in some cases it can be a waste of time if the Dendro application is not followed by other reactions.

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