How To Beat Manticore In Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory

Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory pushed you against a fair number of garments in its opening hours. These have typically rewarded you with new specimens that allow you to mix and match parties and experiment at a decent level. Manticore is the first boss Rise To Glory throws at you that he won’t become an ally.

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This is because Manticore is, to all intents and purposes, the first “real” boss in the game. Manticore has many attacks, a large health bar, and unlike the Exemplars, you have demolished and can be broken. This means Rushdown attacks and plenty of opportunities to deal bonus damage.


The Manticore Attack

Manticore is not a pushover and comes with a series of attacks that it can use to confuse you and deal devious damage. Not only that, if you had paid attention before, you would also have picked up a little tip on how to defeat Manticore more effectively. Manticore is fast, powerful and a lot of fun.

attack Explanation Counter
Poisonous spit Manticore launches a venomous projectile that slowly moves towards the nearest specimen. This attack does a fair amount of damage. This is perhaps the easiest to parry bullet you have encountered so far. The bullet moves incredibly slow compared to standard enemies, but the trade-off is that it deals a lot more damage. You want to parry this attack 100% of the time because Manticore is weak to its own poison (more on this in the Mechanics section).
Slash with claws This is Manticore’s fastest attack. Manticore quickly leaps forward and claws him mid-leap. This attack has very little charge. Uniquely, this attack comes out before the Manticore reaches your group, giving it very difficult parry timing. If you see the short animation that plays before the leap, it paralyzes, otherwise it blocks the blow. It doesn’t do too much damage.
Tail attack Manticore leaps towards the group and then lashes out with his tail after a short delay. This attack will be confused with Jumping Claw Slash, but luckily the delay is so long on this attack that you can use the Jumping Claw Slash block timing and still recover in time to successfully parry the Tail Attack. You can counterattack if you parry for bonus damage.
Roar Manticore roars from time to time, dealing damage to all specimens. This attack can be parried, but the timing seems a little awkward, and as with many Manticore attacks, its charge animation isn’t exactly clear. The damage is quite low. Manticore will use this attack even after a Rushdown attack, so be prepared to parry as this version of the attack is much more predictable.

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Manticore mechanics

Manticore’s only real mechanic is its Venom Spit. If you reflect this attack, then Manticore will do it be immediately stunned (not offset). This effect lasts for approx 10 seconds, leaving Manticore open to attack. Not only that, but Manticore also takes major damage during this timewhich could lead to a Stagger.

Because Manticore is a leader, Stunning him will allow you to unleash a Rushdown attack for massive damage. You don’t need Manticore Stagger to kill him, but it sure helps. As a result, try to poison Manticore as much as possible. Shorten the fight, stop Manticore from attacking and increase your damage. It’s all a win.

Which specimens to use

For specimens, we have found great success running two ranged and one tank. At this point in the game, you don’t have access to many specimens, so we recommend you Apollo, WinchesterAnd Zulfiqar.

Zulfiqar in particular is exceptional in this fight – and frankly it is one of the best examples of the game. His Link Attack is incredibly good. Allows Zulfiqar to rush towards the enemy and attack. The hook, on the other hand, is that Zulfiqar perfectly parries any attack that hits him during this animation. You can use it for effortlessly deny any attack Manticore throw out.

Winchester and Apollon want to attack whenever they can. Zulfiqar is a good enough tank to keep them safe, so unleashing a steady stream of DPS is just a good idea. You can also use various killing blows here to further reduce Manticore’s defenses.

Battle strategy

The strategy here is very simple. You want to focus on reflecting Manticore’s poison at every opportunity. You can time your block or you can use Zulfiqar’s Link Attack to achieve this.

Amid the attacks of Manticore, you want to use your ranged DPS to deal as much damage as you can. Try not to spam attacks because you want to have control over which deadly shots are used and when. Ideally, you want to cycle between Winchester and Apollon.

Try not to attack with Zulfiqar unless it is a Rushdown Attack scenario. The reason is that you want to be able to parry in an instant and most importantly, you want to have 3AP at all times. You can activate your Link Attack by spending all your APs at once, giving you constant access to Zulfiqar’s amazing “save all free” ability.

Zulfiqar doesn’t deal too much damage though, so saving his APs to shut down Manticore is the best way to use it. Your ranged DPS will do more than enough damage on its own. During a quick attack, everyone gets infinite AP so make sure you use Zulfiqar in these situations.

With Manticore dead, you are free to move on.

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