How to Bet Rangers vs Red Sox

Rangers vs Red Sox odds

Rangers odds +150
Red Sox odds -178
Above under 9.5 (+ 100 / -122)
Time 7:10 PM ET
TV MLB network
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We have the first meeting of this four-game series with AL East’s Boston Red Sox hosting AL West’s Texas Rangers. This match is the fourth meeting between these two clubs this season.

Below, I’ll go over a few choices we’ll talk about together for a higher payout. When I create a “parlay of the same game”, my approach is all or nothing.

Even if this statement is kind of “the sky is blue”, let me explain. In my opinion it is essential to find games that have a strong correlation with each other, because we do not get anything to get close in a parlay.

If we have multiple plays that have a strong correlation to each other, we may fluctuate and miss them all, and that’s okay. There is absolutely no difference between going 0 for 3 or 2 for 3 on a parlay.

That said, my goal in creating these parlays is to take bets that increase the likelihood of the other bets hitting. For example, if I bet on a group of players on a team to generate points, their team is more likely to win that match as well.

Following this mold, I have three plays below for this featured game between Rangers and Red Sox. Let’s take a look at the selections.

The Parlay (+957):

  • Texas Rangers ML (+150)
  • Mark Mathias – Record a ride (+180)
  • Ezequiel Duran – Register an RBI (+210)

Same-Game Parlay – Rangers vs Red Sox

Texas Rangers ML (+150)

We are getting a generous price for Rangers in this game, in part due to the fact that they are losing four straight wins. Now, we have a good opportunity to buy Rangers low as they should go up against southpaw Rich Hill.

Across 19 starts this season, Hill is 6-5 with an ERA of 4.32 and 1.25 WHIP. Based on his metrics this year, we shouldn’t expect to see any positive regression from Hill as he owns a .320 xwOBA, .247 xBA and .424 xSLG.

In his last three starts against Texas, Hill has been nothing special as he possesses an ERA of 3.52 and 1.26 WHIP. This should be a great match for Rangers, a team that excels against southpaw throwing.

Facing left-handed pitchers, Texas is fourth in the league in BA, fourth in SLG, fifth in OPS and fifth in wOBA since the beginning of August. Although he has a decent start, Hill is followed by one of baseball’s worst bullpens.

Since August 1, the Boston Rescue Launch is ranked 30th in the championship in ERA, 28th in WHIP, 28th in BA, 23rd in SLG, 26th in wOBA and 20th in xFIP. The Red Sox have been one of the most valuable teams to fade this year, a trend that I expect will continue against Rangers.

Mark Mathias – Record a ride

If we’re fading the Boston pitching staff and supporting Rangers to win the game, then obviously we need them to score.

Marco Mattia enters.

Since being traded to Texas from Milwaukee in Matt Bush’s deal, Mathias has been excellent in the pot. Across eight games with Rangers, he boasts a .458 BA, .792 SLG and 1,272 OPS.

Counting five points on that eight-game stretch, Mathias might be a good bet to do it one more time. When he faces left-handed pitchers this season, he boasts a .320 BA, .720 SLG and 1,053 OPS.

Ezequiel Duran – Register an RBI

If we are backing Mathias to record a run then obviously we need someone to accompany him (unless he goes home). There is no better candidate to do it than the guy who hits right behind Mathias in the batting order, Ezequiel Duran.

Duran didn’t have the best season, recording a .243 BA, .384 SLG, and .673 OPS in 51 games. However, the last 10 games have fared better for him.

During that time, Duran garnered nine hits and six RBI while playing at home twice. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was also successful against Hill.

Most of Duran’s power has come against lefties this season, who boast a .427 SLG and .703 OPS. Between Boston’s poor pitching and Rangers’ performance against lefties, we should expect to see this lineup break through the batting order at least five times, giving us plenty of opportunities to cash in on these props.

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