How to buy a PS5: prices, stores with usual stock and where to get the PlayStation 5

From its launch in November 2020, the truth is that buying a PS5 has become little less than a pipe dream. Neither the physical stores nor the main specialized pages have stock of the Sony console, unless you find a unique opportunity.

We have heard the explanation numerous times before. Sony is unable to cope with the skyrocketing demand due to shortages of supplies, chips and semiconductors in factories, not to mention logistical irregularities.

If we talk about buy a PlayStation 5 in Spain, we are sorry to inform you that as a general rule there is no stock available (neither online nor in person). However, there are some “tricks”.


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To get a PS5 you will have to be very careful when launching the new stock. Through the Telegram or Discord channels you can find a gap, although keep in mind that the new units must be sold out within a few minutes.

There are other methods. For example, in GAME you can subscribe to a list that gives you access to console reservations. Once there are new PS5 stocks, you will receive your console after paying a deposit.

Do you want to buy a PlayStation 5 in Spain this 2022? Then you can’t miss this guide that collects everything you need to know: stores where there are usually stocks, prices, links and requirements for PS5 to make the leap to Sony’s next-generation console.

How to buy a PS5 in Spain


The first thing you have to accept is the difficulty of your goal. Buying a PS5 in Spain today is pretty complicatedso you can forget about finding stacked console boxes and boxes in stores.

As they say, in this guide you will know the best links and shops to buy a PS5. In fact, GAME often posts new console stock on its website.

Currently (at the time of this writing) no PlayStation 5 action on any of these links. However, save and update them from time to time with F5 to stay up to date.

That said, let’s look at several aspects that influence the purchase of PS5:

Models and bundles

PlayStation 5 - PS5

PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020 in two different models. On the one hand, we have the PS5 with disc player, whose original PVP was 499.99 euros. And on the other hand, the PS5 Digital (without player), which costs 399.99 euros.

We are talking about a difference of 100 euros between the two PS5 models. As of August 2022 the price of both consoles it increased due to high inflation and the global economic crisis (This is a topic we’ll cover in the next section.)

In other words, PS5 has increased its PVP by around 50 euros for the Spanish market. We are talking, of course, about the basic package that includes the console, the Dualsense controller and its components. A decision that fortunately, at least for now, has not decided to follow its competitors: Microsoft and Nintendo.

The problem is that this basic package is rarely (if ever) seen in Spanish stores. With a few exceptions, the only way to purchase it is through bundles.

It is a topic that we have already addressed in this opinion article. Most stores offer various packages for sale which include the console, a couple of controllers, and even PS5 games. We are obviously talking about a purchase price of PlayStation 5 much higher than 500-550 euros.

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PlayStation 5 - PS5

An example is the PlayStation 5 bundle with player + two Dualsense controllers + Elden Ring + Gran Turismo 7 + Horizon II Forbidden West, available on Carrefour. For 779.90 euros you could get three great games and two controls, as well as the PS5 itself.

Maybe there are players who are seduced by the idea, but It doesn’t stop worrying about having to pay 700 or 800 euros for a PS5. Many would just like to get a PS5 and a controller.

Price increase


The other key topic to comment on. Until the beginning of August 2022 PlayStation 5 maintained the same PVP with which it was put on sale in November 2020. That is 500 euros to buy the model with reader and 400 euros to have the “digital only” console.

Unfortunately, the situation has changed since last August 25th. Although Hiroki Totoki did not go into details in a recent meeting, Sony has decided to raise the PS5’s selling price in various markets.

Spain is among these markets. In Hobby Consoles we analyze it in an opinion article. Basically, and bluntly, PS5 with player costs 549.95 euros and PS5 Digital 449.95 euros.

It is not an exaggerated increase, but It’s definitely a blow to anyone who hasn’t managed to buy a PlayStation 5 yet. Sony explained that this movement is due to high inflation and the economic (and supply) crisis we are experiencing.

Any additional accessories and games, shipping price and other commissions (such as in-game booking) would need to be added to the sales PVP. Decidedly, buying a PS5 is more expensive than in 2020 and 2021.

Stores where we can buy a PS5 (and links)

PS5 - PlayStation 5

Let’s open the melon. Now that you know PS5 costs 50 euros more and is sold mainly through bundleswe keep seeing which stores and websites sell the console.

We remind you PlayStation 5 currently unavailable in one of these shops. Save the links, update from time to time and don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Discord or Telegram channels. In Hobby Consoles we also inform you whenever there is a stock of consoles for sale.


PC components (shipping costs of 6.25 euros excluding Premium)

El Corte Inglés (shipping from € 5.90, Supercor pickup for € 1)

FNAC (0.5% discount if you are a member)

Carrefour (deposit of 50 euros as booking fee)

Media market

GAME (deposit of 50 euros to enter the reserve list)


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That’s allor what you should know to buy a PS5 in 2022. Fortunately, it’s a little easier to get hold of the console since August 1, as Sony has ramped up production to improve sales in 2023.

Do you already have a PS5 at home? How did you get it? In case you haven’t done so yet, we suggest you be patient and keep this article safe. We also advise you not to fall into speculative traps or abusive second-hand offers.

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