How to complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife

The Hollywood Hustler is this week’s challenge in BitLife. You will mainly work as an actor with your character, but you will also perform some scams before achieving success. There are multiple tasks you will need to fulfill to complete this one and they won’t be easy. This guide covers all the tasks required to complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife.

All the tasks to complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge

You will need to complete five tasks to complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge.

  • Born in California
  • Panhandle for 5+ years
  • 15+ scam with the VIP ticket scam
  • Become a famous actor
  • Win 2 Bitty Awards

The first thing you will need to do is make sure your character was born in California, United States. You will likely have to create a new character to achieve this. We recommend starting in the city of Los Angeles. After they are born, you will have to wait until they reach 18 to work as a scam artist, allowing them to Panhandle. You can find Street Hustler’s job in Special Careers.

From here, you can select Panhandle on any of the streets and you will have to make multiple choices, such as what you mean to people, your pickup box and where you go. These decisions affect how much you receive. You can complete this task after finishing Panhandling for at least five years. After that, you have to switch to being a scam artist to do the VIP ticket scam, which you can only do at the advanced level. To reach this point, you need to increase your Street Smart skills and be more successful with your scams, which takes quite a bit of time.

Gamepur screenshot

After successfully performing the VIP ticket scam 15 times, you can move on to becoming a famous actor. However, we recommend that you take acting lessons during your youth. You can do this in the Mind and Body section, which requires money after 18. If you do this when you are younger, your parents will pay for it. This should help you become an actor and ultimately land a significant role in Hollywood.

After becoming a famous actor, you will need to earn Bitty Rewards. You should be able to earn this nomination naturally when you become a famous actor, so make sure you accept compelling roles and give yourself a chance to make a lot of money as an actor.

After completing these tasks, you will complete the challenge. You will receive your reward and can choose one of four random appearance options for your BitLife profile.

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