How to complete the Wandering Servant side quest in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, there is no shortage of simple missions that want you to grab a few things to complete them. But at times, those can get extremely challenging with the required items, and one such mission is the Wandering Servant. Here is a guide on how to complete the Wandering Servant side mission and how to collect the required FF79 alloy lubricants.

Walkthrough The Wandering Servant

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To start this quest, you need to go to Cetus Island and search for Hana. Once you find it, go and talk to her to accept the search. After accepting the quest, you will need to talk to Hana again, and here she will give you the goal of looking for distressing signs.

Finding those signals might be difficult, but all you have to do is look for a minion robot. The location of the minion robot is under the island of Cetus, so you need to go down and head to the target area. Look behind some of the rocks in the water and you will find the robot.

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Now you have to interact with that robot, then you will have to go back to Hana to inform her of that minion robot. After informing her, you will have to go back down and wait for Hana next to that robot. Once she is there, you need to go back to the island and ask Slayer to fix the robot.

Slayer will ask you to bring him three FF79 alloy lube, which is the hard part. Although the game claims that you can get them from the Support Store and the item seller on Banger, you won’t be able to get them from either place. The possibility of having FF79 alloy lubricants is close to zero.

How to obtain FF79 alloy lubricants

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You have to fight and defeat a world boss named Forst Bot in Navia to get the FF79 Alloy Lubricants. There’s a huge chance he’ll drop them, but there’s also a tiny chance he won’t. So you may need to fight it multiple times, but with others helping, it’s not that exhausting. After getting them, he returns to the island.

Now give them to the Slayer and while he is repairing the robot, a strange event will force you to ask Claire for help. After talking to her, he enters the lab, where he will inform you that this minion robot is not from your timeline. Exit the lab and talk to Claire again to complete the mission.

Once you complete this mission, you will receive many goodies as rewards, including two Omnium Sheild Shards and some XP points. Bear in mind that this quest is a grind as it requires you to fight a world boss, but you will receive mission rewards and useful world boss rewards.

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