How To Create PDF On Your iPhone Or iPad

Introduction of PDFelement for iOS

PDFs are used by many professionals who work for a reason, which is they are very useful and can be sent across multiple platforms. However, to create a PDF, you’d need a good online tool. There are many paid and free tools available online and choosing one of them is a difficult task.

Also, creating a PDF file becomes more complex when you do it on a platform like iOS on your iPhone or iPad. So, if you are having trouble creating a PDF file, here is a magical tool for you that can make creating PDF files much easier.

Wondershare PDFelement is the tool that helps you edit pdf and translate it to other languages ​​quickly and conveniently. It is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. There are various versions of PDFelement for iOS, but here we need to discuss its latest version. The latest version of iOS has updated the old features and added several new features like autosave, batch conversions, batch scanning, etc. You can use all of these features to create, organize and send PDF files more efficiently.

How to create PDF with PDFelement iOS

PDFelement is wonderful free pdf editor tool that allows you to create PDFs and convert them to other formats and, in the same way, you can use this tool to convert other files to PDF format. It also helps in translating pdf files to other languages. It supports over 80 languages ​​you can translate your PDF files into. It also allows you to convert image-based files or scanned documents.

Also, to create PDF with PDFelement iOS, you can follow the methods indicated:

1. Scan to PDF

To convert a file to a PDF, you can scan your PDF documents using your camera. PDFelement can multi-scan your PDFs, and once the scan is complete, you can also crop the image and add appropriate filters to get a cleaner PDF document.

2.Convert to PDF

If you have documents in other formats, such as word, PPT, JPG, etc. and you want to convert them to PDF documents, you can switch to converting them to PDF format. To do this, you should select the format you want to convert your file into and choose the appropriate page size. Then, click the convert button. This way, you will easily convert your file to PDF format.

However, this Application for the pdf editor supports different formats to convert to PDF such as word, excel, ppt, jpg, PNG, etc. A total of 11 formats are supported in this tool which you can choose while selecting the file to convert to PDF.

3. Make a blank PDF file

In addition to the above two ways to create PDFs, you can also create blank PDF files directly in PDFelement for iOS. To get an idea of ​​what a PDF file will look like, create a blank PDF file where you can know the structure and pattern you will get after converting the file to PDF.

Other features of PDFelement for iOS

The features and benefits of the PDFelement for iOS don’t stop there, it has many more features and functions that have been updated in its latest version. Along with the advancement of old features, new features have been added to the tool to provide users with a simpler and more convenient service. Also, here are some other features offered by PDFelement for iOS users:

  • It allows users to sync PDFs created with cloud services such as OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • This tool also allows you to crop PDF files into any format you want. You can also add filters to the PDF pages to make it clear and present.
  • Using this tool, you can organize pages in PDF in a very simple way. Even after adding all the pages, you can move the pages according to your needs.
  • It offers a simplified interface and two new navigation buttons have been updated.
  • It supports dark mode, custom watermarks and batch operations.


PDFelement is an excellent app that can run on all types of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. It can be used to convert any document to PDF by simply scanning them. Plus, you can use it to convert files from eleven different formats to PDF, which is a really convenient option.

This tool becomes more practical when it allows you to sync different PDF files to cloud storage which allows you to access them from different devices. You can also use it to crop PDFs, which is useful when you’re trying to extract some information from a PDF file and create a different PDF. You can also use this tool to organize several pages of PDFs before putting the finishing touches. So, given the specs and special features, this is the tool you can rely on to create great PDF files.

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