How To Defeat Abyssal Cicada In Fallen Legion Revenants

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Bugs are everywhere Revenant of the Fallen Legion. They mostly help fill the ranks of your base enemies, but they end up being bosses from time to time. Abyssal Cicada is one such boss, and while he mostly falls into the same patterns as other bug enemies, he does have a few tricks that really make him stand out. He is also uniquely evil if you fail too many times.

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Abyssal Cicada is a test of strange times with a hint of understanding of unique mechanics. This makes your first attempt to take down Abyssal Cicada drastically more difficult than repeat attempts. This is usually the case with any garment, but this particular garment likes to drop the ugly “gotcha!” attacks that can ruin your gameplay in ways other bosses simply can’t.


The attacks of the abyssal cicada

The abyssal cicada is an insect and, consequently, start the fight incredibly simple with basic melee attacks and spitting. You’ve seen variations of these bindings before, so they’re nothing new. How Abyssal Cicada takes you, however, it’s with his more unique attacks that pop up later in the fight.

attack Explanation Counter
Claw + Spit These are Abyssal Cicada’s basic attacks. He will either spit out a ranged bullet or come in for a claw attack. Countering the spit is as simple as any other ranged attack. The claw attack is a bit more difficult as there is a noticeable delay between passing the attack and actually delivering the strike. Delay your block until you see the red flash – don’t panic blocked or you will get hit.
Mana burns Abyssal Cicada marks a tile with Mana Burn draining your Mana while standing on it. You have two options: don’t step on it and avoid it, or overwrite it with your own polishing card.
Mana discharge Abyssal Cicada moves within range to attack, then attacks by consuming your Mana and entering Trance. This attack isn’t dangerous in itself, but it unlocks some very powerful attacks for Abyssal Cicada that you don’t want to deal with. The blocking timing of this attack is nearly identical to its standard Claw attack, so be prepared to wait for that extended delay.
Mana Flare When in Trance, Abyssal Cicada will deal high AOE damage and drop Mana Burn tiles. This attack hurts if it lands, so be prepared to block. You will also need to overwrite any Mana Burn tiles that are left behind as they can get in your way.
Keeper of the soul Abyssal Cicada devours the soul of any dead Exemplar, preventing you from reviving them for the rest of the battle. This attack is devastating as it severely punishes you for letting a specimen die. If you lose a specimen, your chances of winning drop dramatically as your damage deals damage.

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Mechanics of the Abyssal Cicada

Abyssal Cicada’s unique mechanics are his own Mana discharge And Keeper of the soul skills. Without these attacks, Abyssal Cicada is a very simple fight. Mana Drain will allow the entry of Abyssal Cicada Trance, and that’s not good for your team’s long-term health. YYou can prevent this attack from landing by blocking or simply moving backwards as it has a reduced range. If Abyssal Cicada cannot enter Trance, it cannot deal AOE damage.

Soul Keeper on the other hand is a game-end. If you make a mistake and lose a Specimen, and you don’t get reborn in time, you can also throw in the towel. The trick? Do not die. Simple as that.

Which specimens to use

The Abyssal Cicada is weak to Ice, therefore any specimen that can exploit it is immediately gold. This of course puts Jacquine in the spotlight – especially with Tidal Wave as he can use this final blow to deal high damage and regain his AP. If you want to burn all your Mana in a blast of devastating damage, look no further.

Evania is another excellent choice. While it can’t take advantage of any weaknesses, its ability to overwrite Mana Burn tiles while also releasing Mana Spring tiles is excellent. Her scythe is also amazing at generating Mana with basic attacks, making her a phenomenal all-around choice.

Battle strategy

The whole fight depends on whether or not you allow Abyssal Cicada to do what he wants. If you let him land Mana Drain or Divor a Exemplar, you are in trouble. If you can avoid these two events, so Abyssal Cicada is nothing more than an enhanced base enemy. The strategy is really that simple. Don’t die, and to make it easier, keep Abyssal Cicada away from you (or Block) when attempting to use Mana Drain.

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