How To Defeat Defiled Warden In Fallen Legion Revenants

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Okay, so we may have implied that the last fight was the last hurray Revenants of the Fallen Legion. This was, of course, a cunning ploy designed to mislead and deceive. Defiled Warden is actually the final boss. This is Ivor’s true form: his grotesque and miasma-infected form. Interestingly, Ivor is somewhat easier during this fight.

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Defiled Warden, despite being a bit of a sidegrade and minus an upgrade, is still a formidable foe. The damage to him is skyrocketing and he can apply it very effectively thanks to some devious tricks that only Defiled Warden can do. Get ready to flip the controller over.


Tainted Guardian attacks

Defiled Warden shares some attacks with Ivor, but it also comes with a suite of unique attacks that require your attention and respect. Defiled Warden can wipe out your party with incredible ease if you’re not prepared. To that end, be prepared to lose at least once as cutting down time is no easy feat.

We haven’t included the attacks he reports from Ivor’s fight (for the most part) as they are handled the same way. We will only cover Defiled Warden’s unique attacks.

attack Explanation Counter
Shock wave Defiled Warden will use this attack frequently during combat, as well as during his recovery and phase transition. This attack does massive AOE damage. This attack is really easy to block as Defiled Warden is very slow. He will slowly raise his fist before hitting the ground. After blocking this time, he is unlikely to be hit by it again.
Ipnostream Defiled Warden darkens your HUD, blocking the HP and AP of your specimens, as well as randomizing your controls. This attack is a pain to deal with as it makes it much harder to attack Ivor. Not only are your specimen’s stats hidden for a long period of time, but because your attack buttons are random, it’s incredibly difficult to get the killing blows done when you want to. You can’t fight it, you just have to live with it until it wears off.
Delirium Defiled Warden marks two tiles on your side of the field with yellow runes. After a short delay, if you find yourself on these runes, you take massive damage. Simply move to the safe place. You should aim to stay in the center of the arena as much as possible so that you can move more easily.
Gravity purging Defiled Warden flips the screen so you are now fighting upside down. Not only that, but your motion controls are reversed. This move is pretty shocking at first, but you get used to it after a while. There are no counters, just keep in mind that dodging Delirium is harder now.
Gestalt awakening This is very similar to the evocation that Ivor did in his earliest form; however, he no longer summons Revenants. Instead, he summons the spirits of the NPCs who died in your game. He will only use this variation of this spell from phase three onwards. Unlike last time, kill these spirits. Defiled Warden doesn’t spam this spell like Ivor. Not only that, but the attacks of these spirits vary greatly based on your unique gameplay. It is easier if they are simply dead.

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Defiled Guardian mechanics

Defiled Warden, unlike Ivor, has a lot to do. Starting from the beginning, the Defiled Warden is constantly trying to mess with your controls and perception. On the plus side, this means it’s not attacking as much. The downside is that Defiled Warden is harder to fight. The best advice we can give here is to suspend killing strikes and stick to basic attacks until your controls return to normal.

Second, his minions. Stage Three Defiled Warden can deal incredible damage with the help of his minions as they all have unique attacks. The best way to deal with it is to kill them. Targeted attacks are your best bet, as are any AOE attacks.

In the end, Defiled Warden can combine spells to create far more dangerous versions. For example, it can flip your screen and all your controls with a single cast. This also increases its damage since multiple damage spells can be combined nuclear apocalypses that fill the screen.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to make this fight easier. First, if you have found the Lantern in Rayne’s memory, then Lucien will help by interrupting Ivor and temporarily lowering his defenses. If you have successfully completed the gear puzzle earlier, Lucien will also shoot cannons at Ivor, similar to Archduke and Humbaba. You also have the option to do so prepare a potion.

Which specimens to use

Like before, the Defiled Warden has no weaknesses and can strike with any element. This allows you to bring any specimens as there is no elemental advantage to be had here. We are fans of Jacquine And Evania like paper clips. Jacquine deals massive damage to BPs and Evania is excellent at restoring mana, something you can rely on to stay alive in this fight.

Battle strategy

If you have defeated Ivor, then you can beat Defiled Warden. Defiled Warden has a lot of new attacks, but it is much slowerand many of these attacks do not deal damage. The Defiled Warden makes fun of you most of the time, and that makes him a surprisingly passive leader.

This doesn’t mean it can’t kill you, of course. His attacks are devastating, so learning his timing is a must- as well as reliably restoring your Mana for clutch healing. Remember that his minions are much more dangerous in this form, so be sure to kill them as soon as possible to reduce the chaos on the screen.

Defiled Warden is substantially more tank than Ivorand you’ll have to stagger it at least six times if you want to walk away with a win. The fight can drag on accordingly, but being cautious while also applying the damage suffered is the way to go. Lucien’s help with cannon fire is also a huge plus.

With Defiled Warden dead, you have completed Fallen Legion Revenants …or you have you?

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