How To Enjoy Married Sex & Bring Intimacy Back To Your Relationship | Anna Thea

Have you lost the intimacy between you and your partner? Do you sometimes think the only thing you two have in common is the same postcode? Do you seem to be more like roommates than lovers?

When you are married or coupled, over time it is easy for the relationship to become one of utility rather than sensuality, magic and love. Each person has a part of him in the relationship that is about home and work, and each of you is committed to playing his part. Or at least we hope so, right?

In this process, the relationship connection becomes one of the questions: Did you call and reschedule your appointment? Can you come get the kids today? What time did you say the event is tonight?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to bring back that spark you once had and deepen the intimacy between you and your partner.

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Here are 6 ways to enjoy married sex and intimacy again.

1. Avoid living as roommates.

When you feel comfortable with each other, on the one hand, it’s a wonderful feeling. You feel safe knowing the other person is there. On the other hand, that confidence can also cause boredom or monotony due to a couple falling into the same routine.

This is especially true in the bedroom. If you’ve found a way that works sexually, you probably do it repeatedly, not exploring other paths anymore. It gives you pleasure, but over time it becomes a routine and there is nothing special about it.


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