How To Find And Beat Jadeplume Terrorshroom In Genshin Impact

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The world of Genshin Impact it’s huge and gets bigger with HoYoverse’s constant updates. As there are more different areas to explore in the game, there are also some world bosses guarding some of these areas. These leaders provide precious materials to level up and level up your characters.

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After the release of version 3.0 in the game, a new main region was called Sumeru was released and even got some new world bosses in the area. Jadeplume Terrorshroom is one of these garments, found in the rainforest part of the region.

How to find Jadeplume Terrorshroom

If you’ve just started playing Genshin Impact, it will take a while to find this boss. Jadeplume Terrorshroom is located in the upper left part of Sumeru And it is only revealed when you interact with the Statue of Seven next to it. The main reason to find this boss is the Dendro crystals and the exclusive Majestic hooked beak.


Once you get close to the cape, you will find that it is not on actual land but underground. On your minimap, you will see a purple circle indicating the position of the portal to take you to this position. You can use the mushroom jumping under it or just attack it to teleport close to the boss.

Once through the portalbe sure to go back and unlock the Teleport Waypoint on the other side. This makes it so there is no need to go all the way around each time you want to defeat this boss for his materials.

How to defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom

This boss is truly majestic, even his idle walk animation would attract attention. Since this is the first Dendro boss, he has his own specialties direct link to how Dendro works. However, this boss will definitely feel easier after Inazuma’s Golden Wolflord or Maguu Kenki.

If you apply Electro to the garment, increases her activation power, which is shown at the top just below her health bar. If this is fully charged, the boss will enter a Mode activated where it will be much more aggressive. On the other hand, the application of Pyro can reduce the charge for this mode.

If you reduce this charge to zero, it will go to a been burned where it will spawn mushrooms around it to try to regain its normal state. During this animation, the boss is completely vulnerable and you can constantly attack him to deal a lot of damage.

To easily defeat this boss, players will have to form a team around Pyrotechnic characters or a simple team with no Pyro or Electro. Fortunately, this world boss doesn’t have a lot of teleportation skills, so you can easily force him if need be.

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