How to get a Tuxedo Style Venusaur Holowear and more for free

The last season of Pokémon Unite promises to bring many new holographic garments. Whether it’s the latest or upcoming arrivals, or Pokemon already on the roster. Consequently, the Tuxedo-style suits. would increase its spectrum by now, being the clothing for the First generation grass type starter. In the future, the Tuxedo style will also be available Speon. However, starting now, let’s focus on Venusaur’s holowear Tuxedo Style and the event that would help achieve it. In this guide, details will be shared with players who can get the Venusaur Tuxedo Style holowear for free in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Challenge: how to get Venusaur Holowear in tuxedo style

This event, to be precise, would consist of 4 parts. Three of these would involve Tuxedo Style Venusaur and the fourth, a “Rayquaza Descent” sub-event, for getting a Rayquaza hat for the coach. Players can read through to the end to learn how to complete these events.

Duration of the event

All segments of this event have different durations. Find the duration of the event mentioned in the respective sections of this article.

Theia Sky Ruins challenge: daily missions

Pokémon Unite Tuxedo Style Venusaur holowear Daily missions
Image via The Pokémon Company

Duration of the event: From 2 September 2022 to 13 October 2022

Event missions update after 24 hours and players can complete the following missions to collect Theia Coin, an event specific coin which, in turn, would help in the Capsule Dispenser, discussed later to get the Venusaur olowear . The missions and rewards are as follows:

Mission (s) Rewards
Log in to the game Mission points x50
In Theia Sky Ruins, participate in 1 battle Mission points x20
Take part in 3 battles Mission points x20
Use a Unite move 5 times Mission points x20
Win 2 battles as Pokemon with different roles Mission points x20

Theia Sky Ruins Challenge: Get the capsule dispenser from Thea coins

Venusaur tuxedo-style holographic clothing from Pokémon Unite
Image via The Pokémon Company

Duration of the event: September 2, 2022 – September 22, 2022

This event would only be there for 20 days and would reward coaches with a much larger proportion of Theia Coins. However, the missions would be a bit more difficult in the sense that they would take longer to complete. The missions and rewards are as follows:

Missions Rewards
Take part in 30 battles Mission points x300
In Theia Sky Ruins, participate in 10 battles Mission points x200
Score a total of 40 goals Mission points x200
Take part in 10 quick battles Mission points x200
Win 5 battles as Pokemon with different roles Mission points x200

Capsule dispenser

Venusaur holographic capsule dispenser in Pokémon Unite tuxedo style
Image via The Pokémon Company

Duration of availability: September 2, 2022 – October 16, 2022

The dispenser is what Theia coins are for. After collecting Theia Coins from the previous two missions and for every 50 Theia Coins, they can trade a capsule from the Dispenser. After 20 such exchanges from the Capsule Distributor, the tuxedo style for Venusaur would be available. The rewards for extracting the capsule in exchange for 50 Theia Coins are random and the rewards may include the following:

  • Aeos Coins x20 (can be obtained 10 times the maximum)
  • Aeos x100 tickets (can be obtained 20 times the maximum)
  • Item Booster x10 (can be obtained 10 times maximum)
  • 3-Day Battle Point Upgrade Card x1 (can be obtained 3 times maximum)
  • 7-Day Battle Point Upgrade Card x1 (can be obtained 1 time maximum)
  • 3-day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1 (can be obtained 1 time maximum)
  • Energy Boost Tank, Extra-Energy Tank x1 each (can be obtained a maximum of 1 time for each)
  • Venusur limited license of 7 days x1 (can be obtained 2x the maximum)
  • Gengar-style coach hat (only available once)

The descent of Rayqaza

Pokémon Unite Tuxedo Style Venusaur holowear Rayqaza's Descent
Image via The Pokémon Company

Duration of the event 2 September 2022 – 13 October 2022

The Rayquaza Mission would gift to Rayquaza hat to trainers upon its completion. Here is the list of all the rewards of this event.

Missions Rewards
KO Rayquaza a total of 5 times Coins of Eos x100
Eliminate Rayquaza a total of 10 times Eos Tickets x150
Eliminate Rayquaza a total of 15 times Object Enhancers x20
Eliminate Rayquaza a total of 20 times Rayquaza hat icon Rayquaza hat


As usual, the recommendation would be to play Quick battles, as long as the missions don’t ask people specifically to play ranked games or take out Rayquaza. During the Final Stretch, they can focus on beating Rayquaza. Since Zapdos is now no longer in the game, you actually need to keep an edge. Players should never depend on the last 2 minutes to win the game. They can choose Pokemon that level up early.

Final thoughts

Venusaur gets a tuxedo style for free this time after Cramorante taken last time. Players should keep the said things in mind and finish the vent before time runs out. Also, rumors and our speculations say a similar event would be there for Espeon’s Tuxedo Style. Players can keep following our news section for more updates on it. In case they need to see how to play Venusaur, take a look here.

Are you excited about the Pokémon Unite event where the players will be rewarded Venusaur Holowear in a tuxedo style? Let us know in the comments section under!

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