How To Get All Holy Talismans In Cult Of The Lamb

The world of Worship of the Lamb it is colorful, mysterious and sometimes more than a little dark. Accumulate a cult of mindless and lovable drones who would dedicate their lives to your noble crusade or die trying. This is the real name of the game.

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You can also complete side missions to receive valuable collectibles. While these collectibles aren’t entirely necessary for your main mission, they add a touch of excitement amidst all the farming and crusades. Here’s how to collect each Fragment of sacred talismanallowing you to unlock all the Lamb’s fleece at the Temple altar!


Pieces of sacred talismans: Passage of the pilgrim

When you make your way Passage of the pilgrimchat with the Fisherman standing near the water. He will ask you to catch four sea creatures for him and will reward you a Talisman piece for each of the following:

  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Squid
  • Octopus

After delivering the four items, you should now have a complete sacred talisman.

Increase your chances of catching rare fish by doing the The size of the ocean ritual at your temple before going fishing.

Sacred Talisman Pieces: Spore Cave

While you venture Anuraeventually you will unlock Spore cave – a town just northeast of your cult site. This place is home Sozoa mushroom-obsessed gentleman who wishes to educate the lamb about the benefits of mind-altering substances.

To earn Sozo four fragments of talismancomplete the following missions for him:

  • Bring Sozo ten mushrooms.
  • Bring Sozo 20 mushrooms.
  • Perform the brainwashing ritual with your followers.
  • Build the mushroom sculpture.

These tasks need to be done in chronological order as above, as Sozo will only give you the blueprint for the sculpture after performing his ritual.

Holy Talisman Pieces: Shrine of the smuggler

While you search Still in deptheventually you will have access to Shrine of the smuggler. Here you will meet Plimboa wise sailor who has a dangerous mission for you, should you choose to accept it.

To get his six glittering talisman fragments, you will have to go back to the areas you defeated and defeat the four witnesses in Darkwood, Anura, Anchordeep and Silk Cradle. So, bring it all four Eyes of the Witnesses to Plimbo in exchange for the pieces.

Pieces of sacred talismans: the cave of Midas

Cave of Midas is a glittering golden cavern where you can trade gold bars for blueprints and devotion, or followers for talisman fragments. Yes, here’s how to get the four pieces of Midas’ Talisman: sacrifice four of your faithful followers to himallowing them to be transformed into gold statues and added to his collection.

Once this mission is complete, you should have four talismans. However, there are five to unlock if you don’t include lamb fleece, which is your default fleece.

So how do you get the latest?

Holy Talisman Pieces: Creature from below

A secret secondary mission involves a mysterious creature that can be encountered in each of the aforementioned areas by looking at the edges of the map for an immediate reading “Look into the dark”.

It doesn’t matter where you meet them first, but their four missions will always be:

  • Bring them a large tuna.
  • Sacrifice a follower.
  • Choose to sacrifice two followers or half a heart (one of your health stats).
  • Sacrifice your friend Ratau.

After completing each task, you will receive a fragment of talisman, which is your last complete Talisman. However, as the tasks become more and more severe in terms of the sacrifices involved, we recommend that you think twice before completing this series of secret missions.

How much do you need all that fleece, anyway? Enough to never play Knucklebones with poor Ratau again? You decide!

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