How To Get Nihilego in Pokemon Go

This article focuses on how to get Nihilego in Pokemon Go. Nihilego is one of the many Ultra Beasts to make an appearance within the game and you will have the opportunity to catch one, briefly. Nihilego is considered to be a specific type of Legendary Pokemon known as Ultra Beasts. Nihilego is a Rock-type Pokemon, possessed by Poison, in Pokemon GO, classified as an Ultra Beast-type from the Alola region, which would appear during Raids.

How to get Nihilego in Pokemon Go

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In-game Rock / Poison-type Pokemon, Pokemon Nihilego is a significantly strong Pokemon and is available in 5 Star Raids during GO Fest 2022, which runs from 10:00 to 18:00 local time. To capture Nihilego during GO Fest 2022, Trainers must defeat him in difficult Raid Battles. Trainers will have to figure out which are the best counters to fight Nihilego to take him down.

Once GO Fest 2022 is over, players will have to wait for Pokemon Nihilego and his fellow Ultra Beasts to appear again, most likely as the Raid Bosses themselves. Check the Pokemon GO Fest final raid schedule for times when Nihilego and all other Ultra Beasts will appear at raids.

Nihilego is back in Raid for Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Finale from August 27 at 10: 00-18 local time, so people have had their second chance to catch Nihilego. It is not known when Nihilego will return to Raid Battles, but it shouldn’t be long as this is the current season for Pokemon GO at this point.

How to get Nihilego in Pokemon Go

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Nihilego will be available in the game for a limited time, battling Nihilego in the Five Star Raid. Once he appears in Raid Battles again, the best way to defeat Nihilego is to use a Pokémon with Steel, Water, or Mind attacks.

Any Pokémon with Ground-type attacks should do a lot of damage against Nihilego. All the best counters are Ground-type, so Mega Latios probably won’t offer the same type of Mega-Boost for any of your Raid Parties; however, being both Psychic and Dragon-type, it doesn’t have the weaknesses UB-01 Symbiotes could take advantage of.

Nihilego has respectable stats for an ultra league with a maximum CP limit, and a unique type of Poison / Rock makes Nihilegos extremely susceptible to Ground-type attacks. Nihilego would require a trio of Trainers to take down Nihilego, due to his double weakness to Ground-types, being a double Rock / Poison-type. Since both Rock and Poison are weak to Ground-type attacks, they combine to deal x4 damage, making Nihilego a short job. The best counters for using Nihilego in Raids are powerful Ground-type Pokémon such as Ecadrill, Garchomp, and Landorus.

The four elemental weaknesses should offer Trainers plenty of token options when taking Nihilego in Raids. The rock / poison-type Nihilego made its debut in Pokemon Go Fest 2022, where it was only available for 5-Star Raid Battles for a single day.

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