How to Get The Taipan-4FR (& God Roll)

The Taipan-4FR is a new added Void Linear Fusion Rifle Destiny 2 with the looting season. This weapon is fabricable and available to everyone in the game. Although introduced in Season of Plunder, the Taipan-4FR is not directly tied to the story. There are several ways to get this weapon, but those who complete the introductory mission to the Queen of witches campaign can get the linear fusion rifle for free.

Taipan-4FR has a precision frame, excellent for long range weapons, such as linear fusion rifles. The weapon fires a precise bolt of energy and has more than one vertical recoil after firing. This makes it much easier to aim for a target’s weak spot as it is hit. Taipan-4FR can have many excellent advantages to take advantage of this precision, such as Triple Tap. Precision shots that land quickly will load a round into the magazine. This is great for increasing the DPS against bosses, such as Golgoroth Destiny 2The King’s Autumn Raid. Fortunately, Guardians have more options for getting this awesome Void Linear Fusion Rifle.


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Taipan-4FR is part of the World Loot, which means Guardians have a random chance to obtain the weapon from any activity. While not a reliable way to earn the Linear Fusion Rifle, players always find shady engrams. Alternatively, players can narrow down their choice of weapons by focusing on a Veist Weapon in the ELMO. The second Star Map tab allows Guardians to focus their shadowy engrams, making sure they only contain guns from a specific weapon foundry. Unfortunately, players will need to own the Season Pass to perform this method. Those who have unlocked weapon crafting at the Enclave in Destiny 2 can get the Taipan-4FR and the model for free.

How to get (and create) the Taipan-4FR for free

Taipan-4FR is given free to Guardians during the mission “Foundry modeling. ” This is part of a new tutorial mission added in Season of Plunder to help introduce players to the idea of ​​crafting weapons. Guardians will need to go to the Enclave on Mars and accept the “Foundry resonance” Research. This will unlock the Ammit-AR2 auto rifle for crafting, while also rewarding a resonant league. Next, players are given the “Foundry forming” Research. The first step will reward a Taipan-4FR with a red border, or Deepsighted. Guardians must use the Linear Fusion Rifle and complete a round of Dares of Eternity or Wellspring Destiny 2. Next, players will receive a second red-bordered Taipan-4FR and will need to mine the resonant elements. This is done by getting enough kills with the weapon. Unlike many other pistols, the linear fusion rifle model will be unlocked after only two copies of Deepsight. There are still a few steps to research, but these simply require the Taipan-4FR to be created and leveled once.

Now that the Linear Fusion Rifle can be modeled, Guardians can choose any of the selectable perks they want. However, there are some extraordinary options for this weapon archetype. The God Roll for Taipan-4FR is Arrow brake, Enhanced battery, Triple tapAnd Line of fire. Arrow brake and Enhanced Batter ensure greater maneuverability speed and magazine size, while also greatly controlling recoil. Line of Sight increases accuracy damage by 20% when close to two or more allies. For solo content, Guardians in Destiny 2 may require Frenzy for increased handling, damage, and reload speed during combat. Players are free to experiment until they find their ideal combination of benefits. Guardians can continue to remodel their weapons as long as they have the necessary resources Destiny 2.

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