How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

If there is one application in common among the millions of smartphone users these days, it is definitely WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, thanks to a simple and efficient use mechanism. While there are much more powerful alternatives, this option has become the go-to when it comes to tools for communicating. In this sense, We want to clarify a doubt that many users have and it is how to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

If you’ve tried texting someone and haven’t received a response, we’ll help you recognize the signs that they’ve blocked you. For this we will not use external applications or services, but we will observe a series of clues that will allow us to reach a conclusion.

5 questions to know if you’ve been blocked by WhatsApp

How to know if you have been blocked by WhatsApp is not something we can definitively determine with an application. For this reason, the process we will follow to determine this is based on answering a series of questions arising from the execution of certain tests. In this sense, the more negative answers the questions in question have, the greater the likelihood that you have been blocked. Likewise, if all the answers are negative, then you can assure yourself that, indeed, this is the case.

Can you see his latest connection?

We know that seeing the last link is a disable option, however, for those who have it active, it represents the first symptom to check. If you try to check when it was last connected and it doesn’t show the exact time as usual then you already have the first block sign.

However, As mentioned above, this data can be hidden and, therefore, we cannot take it as a defining symptom..

Has your profile picture changed?

Whatsapp photo profile

Many WhatsApp users tend to be very active in the area of ​​their profile picture, changing it frequently. In this sense, If you notice that the contact in question has kept the same photo in their account or just doesn’t appear, we can add a new indication that you have been blocked.

However, it should be noted that this is not a decisive result to say that you are under the blocking function of WhatsApp. That means, There are many factors that can influence someone to stop updating their profile picture. Therefore, you need to keep reviewing the rest of the questions..

Are your messages getting through?

check whatsapp

Our next review will be to see if the messages you send to the contact in question are going through. We remind you that some indicators are used in the WhatsApp chat area to show the status of the messages we send. A) Yes, a check mark indicates that the message has been sent and two checks indicate that it has been received. For its part, the double blue check indicates that the sent message has also been read, however it is an optional configuration.

In this sense, If you’ve sent a message to that contact and only a check is shown, your message hasn’t arrivedor. Although this may be due to several factors involving, above all, the lack of connection, in this context it adds a new symptom to know if you have been blocked by WhatsApp.

Can you establish a call via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp call

This test is one of those that provides more specific answers on how to know if you’ve been blocked by WhatsApp. In this way, aOpen the chat of the contact in question and tap the voice call option at the top of the interface, between the video call button and the 3 dots icon.

If you can establish the call, you can remove the block. On the other hand, if this process gives you an error, it can represent one of the definitive proofs that you have been blocked.

Can you add it to a group?

The last test that will help you determine if a contact has blocked you from WhatsApp is to try adding them to a group.. The blocking function of the application removes all possibilities of communication with the contact in question. This, of course, is not just about texting, calling and video calling, but being able to add him to a group.

In this sense, To answer the last question on how to know if you’ve been blocked by WhatsApp, start by creating a group. Then, select the contact in question to add and check the result.

If you were able to add him to the group without any problems, you have not been permanently blocked. However, If, on the other hand, the application indicates that you are not authorized to perform this operation and the rest of the previous answers have been negative, we can confirm that you have been blocked.

These 5 steps can be done in minutes and will let you know for sure if you have been blocked by WhatsApp. If you get 5 “No” then you know what happened and why your messages are not reaching their destination.

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