How to Maintain Your Privacy While Using Reddit: 8 Tips

Reddit is primarily a discussion forum where people can talk about anything. Over time, it has been considered an interactive place for all users. From news to debate, cooking and fashion, Reddit has you covered.

Despite all of this, many people are concerned about their privacy on the platform. However, you can increase security and maintain maximum account privacy with a few simple actions. Let’s learn how to keep your privacy while using Reddit.

1. Create a secure password

The first tip for maintaining your privacy on Reddit is to create a secure password. Your password should be strong enough to act as a barrier against unexpected breaches. A strong password also helps protect your account from phishing attempts.

It is recommended to create a strong password that combines numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and other characters to increase its strength. However, you should also be able to remember this, so leave occasional hints in your password.

If you have a habit of forgetting your passwords, you can use a password manager that tracks you and helps you remember them.

2. Use two-factor authentication

Once you have protected your account with a strong password, you should add an extra layer of security to improve the protection. Two-Factor Authentication is a security feature that requires authorization from authorized devices / browsers before logging in.

To enable two-factor authentication on your Reddit account:

  1. Log into your Reddit account.
  2. Click the arrow at the top of the screen next to the username to open a drop-down menu and select User settings.
  3. Pass to Security and Privacy form.
  4. Scroll down until you see Two-factor authentication. You may need to reset your password if you signed up for Reddit using Google or Apple ID.
  5. Reset the password on a verified device.
  6. Use an authentication app to scan the barcode to complete the setup.

At each login attempt, a six-digit code will be requested.

3. Change your chat and message settings

Reddit is an app that allows you to socialize, discuss and connect with the world. On that platform, you may receive messages from people you may not want to connect with. You can change this by updating the chat settings.

  1. Open the Chat and messaging section of the site.
  2. Change the Who can send you private messages And Who can send you chat requests settings. Users have the ability to make themselves accessible to anyone or anyone.
  3. Click Nobody on both menus if you want your account to be private, with only the ability to comment and vote on different posts.

This feature helps users protect themselves from spam and cyberbullying attempts on Reddit.

Like other apps, Reddit also tracks the links you click on the site. The platform uses this information to help marketers target their potential audience. Clicking on the links also helps Reddit satisfy your interests and show you the content you interact with frequently.

Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of privacy. You can change these outbound link settings to maintain the privacy of activities on your Reddit account.

  1. Open the User settings and go to Security and Privacy form.
  2. Activate / deactivate the Customize all Reddit based on the outbound links you click to turn it off.

We also recommend that you avoid any outbound links posted by people you don’t know.

5. Block users who seem suspicious

When scrolling through Reddit, do you find an account that looks offensive and inappropriate? If so, blocking is a great way to keep your account privacy intact.

Here’s how to block people on Reddit:

  1. Search or click on the username you want to block. A username on Reddit usually starts with u /.
  2. Click More options under Chat.
  3. To select Block user and confirm.

The account will be locked out and you both won’t see each other’s messages and posts unless you unlock that account.

6. Use a virtual private network

Users who do not wish to disclose their location to Reddit can access the account using a VPN. Also known as a virtual private network, it can hide your identity by creating encryption between the network and your device.

You can use a VPN on your PC and mobile devices. You will start seeing users and groups from the selected location on Reddit. With the help of a VPN, you can hide your identity from online marketers as well.

Remember that the VPN is not meant to protect your device from viruses and malware. You still need to have a strong password and authenticate your account for maximum privacy.

7. Revoke Third Party Access

Reddit uses third-party apps to personalize your user experience. Your profile is exposed to third parties depending on how much access you have allowed. Follow the steps below to revoke third party access and increase the privacy of your account.

  1. To open User settings.
  2. Click on Security and Privacy.
  3. Scroll down until you see Manage third-party app authorization. You will see several apps and web browsers.
  4. Click Revoke access at the end of the list.

8. Change your content visibility settings

If you don’t want to make your content visible to unknown users, change the visibility of your content. This feature hides your latest searches and prevents your posts from appearing to the public.

Only your comments and likes are publicly available with these settings. These steps will help you add privacy to your content.

  1. From User settingsclick Profile.
  2. Scroll down until you see Visibility of contents.
  3. Activate or deactivate the card to deactivate it.

After this, your posts will not be visible in r / all and the username will not be visible in / users.

Have a safe and solid experience on Reddit

Reddit is ranked as one of the best apps for users who want to discuss different topics and share their favorite things online.

At the same time, privacy can be a considerable concern for some users. You can reduce your visibility by making changes to the privacy of your content and managing third-party apps. Apart from this, you can also use a VPN on your PC or mobile device to hide your location and browse without revealing your identity and location on the internet.

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