How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Fireworks are a must-have item if you want to fly freely in the sky with the Elytra. In addition, fireworks can also be used for decorative and combat purposes. Let’s see how to make fireworks in Minecraft!

Before creating fireworks in Minecraft

Although you can use all 9 crafting grids to create fireworks in Minecraft, only two slots are needed! You just need 1 card and 1 gunpowder to make 3 fireworks.

But creating fireworks this way may not be efficient because you’re not using all the slots to create the best fireworks! In detail, you can add up to 3 gunpowder to the crafting recipe to increase the duration of the fireworks flight. The longer the flight duration, the greater the flight of fireworks in the sky. The duration of the flight also affects the increase in speed when using a rocket with an elytra.

Another ingredient you can add to the fireworks recipe is the fireworks star. You can add up to 7 stars to create more explosions when fireworks are detonated or to deal more damage if fireworks are used as crossbow ammo. If you fly a rocket that contains a fireworks star, you will take damage every time you use the rocket.

How to make fireworks in Minecraft

# 1 You get 1 card

The paper can be made using 3 sugar canes on the work table. Each crafting recipe will give you 3 sheets. You can also find paper in the chests scattered around the wreck structures, but for now, let’s stick with the sugar cane!

# 2 Collect 1-3 gunpowder

Gunpowder is a common item that falls from different mobs such as creepers, ghasts, and witches. Withes releases more gunpowder upon death (6) and up to 15 gunpowder if he uses the Pillage III weapon. Normally, most Minecrafters will make an automatic climbing farm for gunpowder.

Gunpowder can also be found in dungeon-spawned chests, desert temples, woodland mansions, and shipwreck structures. They have a normal chance of holding 1-8 gunpowder.

Additionally, you can exchange 1 emerald with the wandering merchant for 1 gunpowder.

# 3 Collect 1-7 Star Fireworks (optional)

You may want to skip to step 4 if you don’t care about the effect of the explosion or the damage from fireworks, or if your primary purpose is to create fuel for your Elytra.

To make a fireworks star, you will need 1 extra gunpowder, 1 dye of any color, and any extra ingredients (optional). You can add up to 8 dyes in this recipe to create a more colorful effect for your fireworks.

Here are the extra ingredients and their effect:

  • Fire Charge: Zoom into the circle-shaped explosion.
  • Gold Nugget: Star-shaped explosion.
  • Head (player or mob): climbing face shape.
  • Feather: Confetti explosion.
  • Glowstone Dust: Make fireworks particles sparkle.
  • Diamond: Add the trail effect for the explosion.

You can only use 1 of the first 4 ingredients in a Firework Star recipe. And you can add diamond dust and shimmer stone in 1 fireworks star.

Once you are done creating the fireworks star, you can put it back into the crafting grid with any color of dye to create the faded effect of the firework particles. You can even add up to 8 dyes!

# 4 Handcrafted fireworks

If you don’t have fireworks stars, put 1 piece of paper and 1-3 gunpowder in the crafting grid to make 3 fireworks.

If you want to use fireworks stars, there are many recipes you can use to make fireworks. Here are some examples:

  • 1 card, 1 gunpowder and 1 fireworks star
  • 1 card, 3 gunpowder and 5 fireworks
  • 1 card, 1 gunpowder and 7 fireworks

Frequent questions

How are elytra fireworks made?

For Elytra fireworks, you just have to use paper and gunpowder! Many people may find that using just 1 gunpowder is the most efficient way. But if you want to fly longer and farther, try using 3 gunpowder and see how it feels!

Which villager sells gunpowder?

No villager sells gunpowder. You can only trade gunpowder with the wandering merchant for an emerald. Alternatively, you can create a climbing plant farm for a huge amount of gunpowder.

Are there villagers trading fireworks?

Even no villager trades fireworks!

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